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Visual snow


Morning all Just curious how many of you get visual snow ? I have this constantly , with floaters everyday all day and aura most days …although sometimes worse than other days . Has anyone found any relief with meds ? I have heard topamax is good for this will ask dr s Friday, but wondered who else has this ?


Hi. Visual Snow. Fingers crossed, so far, it’s one of the few symptoms I seem to have managed to avoid BUT I’ve hear loads of archive on here about it if you use ‘Search’. In fact you might even call it an ‘avalanche’. Helen


Thanks Amy for asking. The visual snow is driven me crazy! I believe is making me dizzier as everything in my vision is slightly jittery. I can’t wait to go see a neuro to get meds that will hopefully help this. Im starting vrt, hoping this will help but not sure. I searched the forum and have found people have found relief with meds, topomax was helpful, someone said neck exercises and another said watching a video on youtube i believe is called “visual snow relief” i did watch the video and it did make a bit better. The person says one must watch it for hours and then months for it to work. Idk i might try that as its getting to me. If you find something please let me know. Thank you.


Hey, the visual snow gets to me too. I’ve reached out to a few of the older posters who said they used to get VS and have stopped posting. They all said it either goes away or has gotten so much better they can’t see it unless they look for it. My guess is it’s one of the last symptoms to go but I’d love to hear what dr s says.

Also, my mother had a friend who got visual snow twice during pregnancy and then it went away after the child was born both times. There are a couple papers out there that say people don’t typically get better but I think that’s BS. The only people that are worth researching are the extreme cases. No one is goi to write a case report about “mans unidentified rash spontaneously went away after 3 months” or similarly benign events.


Thanks Helen , I did have a search but didn’t find anyone that had gotten rid of it so thought I’d ask :grimacing: it’s funny I remember this symptoms as a child BUT it dialled down when my dizziness did but never disappeared I’m hoping that happens again . Just wondered how common it was


Thanks so much @elahcix that’s so good to know , dr s said it takes a long time to go if I remember . When I had it as a kid like they said it either disappeared or dialled down so much I never noticed it :slight_smile:


Haha also loved the second paragraph that’s pretty true tbf :grimacing: I know if it goes away il come back to share


Thanks @SolarVivi I tried the video didn’t help much and also vrt . However my vrt said visual snow wouldn’t be a medication sorting it not physio. Which seems correct but I know what you mean I feel the same things look Almost like they’re vibrating because of the constant static :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


Doesn’t seem particularly common unless plp just forgot to mention it. It is just a symptom, like the rest of wretched symptoms. It will no doubt go when the rest go. Don’t get into the ‘it’s for ever’ way of thinking. You had it before and it went away then so it can go away again. Constant photophobia appears to be another less common one. I had that for months, probably nearer years but it’s mostly gone now. The Propranolol saw to it or maybe it was The Magic Fairy, not sure and don’t really mind as long as it went. Went out today and didn’t even take my sunglasses with me! So dial ‘P’ for Positivity and cross yr fingers just to be on the safe side. Helen


Thanks Helen always love the way you put things :slight_smile: oh I’m over my time of the month so a little less negative these days and my boyfriend gets here Thursday so looking forward to that :slight_smile: I have the constant photobia lol guess I’m that lucky :grimacing: amazing that you went out without sunglasses that’s definatley a win!


And no wide brimmed hat either??? You dare devil👿j
Jo x


Did I mention going without the hat? Did I. Don’t think so.
No, i wore a not quite so wide brimmed hat. Helen


Ahhh here’s me assumng you were naked of hats AND glasses!!! I should have known better🤒
Jo x


I’ve had visual snow and floaters so long, I didn’t realize it was a thing. I thought our eyesight was poorly evolved!


Did they ever go away?


No idea you had this too @flutters has Effexor not helped with this


When my thresholds get low, no. But, it’s better. The visual snow is constant and has been for years. The other aura stuff is better. I hardly ever feel like I’m walking thru a rotating barrel or watching birds flying by that aren’t really there. In the morning or when I’m tired I still see a lot of flashing lights, refractions, halos and the starfield likes to blink and stutter. Just finished a 5 hour drive coming off a 13 hour work day. Head is screaming, eyes hurt and I’m using autocorrect to write most of this because absolutely nothing will stand still and the last of today’s clear blue sky looks like the Milky Way. It’s pretty in its own way.


Poetic !


Honestly im really scared of the visual snow being permanent. Its so hard to read and type because my eyes cant seem to focus. Feel like they are moving side to side. Im so scared about work and how ill be able to do it. It just so depressing because i need to work. How do you do it? Would practicing reading help?


Side to side nystagmus isn’t visual snow. It is, however, fixable. I did a few months of the vision stabilization side of vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Made a tremendous difference. I went from disabled to being able to focus all day long.

Google the terms. Many of the exercises can be found on YouTube. If not that, then Vigs (@GetBetter) has a good list.