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Visual snow


Thank you for the exercise tip. Ive seen my eyes and they don’t move, but eyesight, vision does. Its like my eyes cant focus on a fix point. But my night vision is so bad. It looks like a tv screen with bad reception. The movement and fluttering static is still there when i close my eyes. I dont know whats wrong. Thank you again. Will look into visual stabilizers exercises, hopefully it will make it manageable.


Sorry, you’re not wrong. That also describes visual snow. Still, both meds and VRT really do help. It also helps to think about it like a visual version of tinnitus. I saw a neuro-ophthalmologist. He agreed. It’s not really in the eyes. It’s a migraine symptom. You have to get that part under control first. I don’t expect mine to go away, but I did get rid of the visual vertigo aspect and that made all the difference.


Hi. Can I ask what meds you take, if any.

I expect that’s exactly what’s appearing to happen. As @flutters says about visual snow it’s another symptom. Your eyes are creating an illusion of movement which is what true vertigo is in truth. Meds and eye exercises may well sort it for you. Might well be worth getting an eye doctor to check you out for any sort of Convergency Insufficiency when you are up to it although I’d suspect it’s most probably coming from the MAV. it helps to remember our eyes gather visual information but our brain dictates what we actually see. Helen


Hello, at the moment I’m not on any medication. Still trying to find a diagnosis. All ive been able to find out is that my left ear is 40% weaker than my right, which could be why im having dizziness and imbalance. I have an appointment with a neuro ophthalmologist in two weeks and neuro otologist in oct. Im going to be starting vrt soon. Im just so scared the visual snow or focusing issue will not allow me to read, right now its so difficult. So much static, still objects are jittery. Im hoping to be referred to a headache specialist too.


Thank you. Im hoping once im given meds they will help. Starting vrt soon. Im going to see a neuro ophthalmologist soon and hoping to get some answers. Im so glad you are feeling better.


So sorry to hear you have a weakness however out of interest I didn’t think that could cause visual snow ? :confused: or am I wrong maybe @Onandon03 could help


Thanks so much @flutters you described that so well :slight_smile: honestly I never knew the brain could do so much! I see dr s Friday def gonna ask about Effexor !


Good luck, Amy!


Yeah im not sure either, i think i may have vm in addition to my ear weakness. Ill find out in oct. when i go see the neuro otologist. Im also seeing a neuro ophthalmologist in two weeks, see what he says. Also good luck with ur app. i hope you find more answers and start to feel better.


Thanks il need it :slight_smile:


I know it’s so confusing , Vn can cause vm so could be s crossover I do hope you start getting some answers soon and yes will def keep everyone updated :slight_smile:


Thanks for the vote of confidence but I’m not sure. Is this deficiency a hearing deficiency, a balance deficiency (can you measure balance in percentage, not seen it done before don’t think). Don’t know much abt it but deaf people do suffer with both hearing and balance problems and the two are closely wired. Visual snow is supposedly very diagnostic of migraine syndrome. It’s certainly different from the norm so suppose it’s just another (but very annoying) sign that the balance system is out of kilter that hopefully migraine preventatives will eventually bring under control. I don’t know who could tell you exactly how it happens not at least until we find some way of having a conversation with a live human brain. That would know for sure. Helen



Your Brain is The Ultimate Control Freak. There’s nothing it doesn’t rule.


Just a point of order: not all artefacts in vision are neorological - many are physical. Some are the result of the gel in the eye breaking up as you age. The brain learns to ignore them but they can show up against pale backgrounds. These are harmless.

There’s a lot more to our anatomy than our grey matter! (amazing though the brain is).


Definatley learning that more and more


Well I’m currently waiting to see dr s armed with questions let’s c how this goes … will update you after :grimacing:


Thanks so much waiting to go in now :grimacing:


I’m there with you in spirit. Hope it goes well and you get answers. Expect he’ll over-run by what I’ve read. Just hope the last appointee of the day doesn’t miss the last bus. Helen


He’s already an hour late clearly there’s more of us than I thought :thinking: thanks Helen feel very nervous hopefully he can be of some help