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Marijuana for vertigo


I was thinking the same thing recently. I currently take a small benzo before bed, but if I could switch to weed, that might be healthier.

I don’t drink and I have not smoked weed in maybe 25 years. It always kind of made me a little dizzy, and while it used to relax me when I was young, it had the opposite effect when I was older – it made me feel out of control and paranoid. But now that it is legal (or at least decriminalized) I was curious to find out whether vertigo docs are prescribing for it.


Last time I smoked weed was in Thailand in 2009. I was MAVing my head off still then of course. The weed had no ill effects. I laughed my ass off all night. :lol:


Not sure we should be praising illegal substances…wouldn’t sex be just as relaxing? :smiley:


— Begin quote from “Deethedizzy”

Not sure we should be praising illegal substances…wouldn’t sex be just as relaxing? :smiley:

— End quote

You obviously aren’t having sex with a guy on SSRIs!


What happens when you have sex with a guy who takes SRRI’s then?


This is interesting. I had been wondering If marijuana might be useful. Last time I tried it was 25 years ago, waaaay before dizziness so I don’t know now. However, I too take a benzo at night and would rather not. It is legal in my state now so maybe I’ll ask my doctor about getting a prescription. I’d only want pill form tho. Hmmm…food for thought. Would sure like to heat from more people who have tried it for their dizziness. Seems like it’d make it worse though so I’m chicken.


Actually, sometimes sex makes my dizziness worse. I smoked a lot of weed as a teenager but I too started getting paranoid and anxious and had my first panic attack from weed so its been almost 20 years since my pothead days as well. There are different strengths at the medical shops. It’s crazy they have all kinds for all problems. Some that make you very high for like severe pain control and nausea and some that just take the edge off of a headache and it can be consumed in many forms. I’ve only smoke it but I’ve heard eating it can keep you high for hours and hours and if its not too intense that could be good. As long as I do t get the munchies! That would not be worth it to me. Somebody just try some already. Who has the guts to try it? I’ve been super dizzy lately and it is really interfering with my happiness. I swear with my crazy schedule and my kids insane sports schedule, I don’t know how I do it. Wait a minute, maybe that’s why I’m dizzier all of a sudden? That and the allergies are not helping. Somebody smoke pot and report back


— Begin quote from “Deethedizzy”

What happens when you have sex with a guy who takes SRRI’s then?

— End quote

My wife will explain it to you. She’s still in bed with an icepack and waiting for the Advil to kick in. Something about delayed ejaculation…


Even tho this article is outdated it was in 4th postion for my google search in of may 2018. So I feel the need to respond.

8 days ago i had my first vertigo attack. I woke up to full blown spinning, panic, dizzyness, sight rotations, sweating and then nausea/vomitting.

Emergency room told me i had vertigo. I have no clue what they gave me cause it had me asleeep with in mins… after i woke they sent me home with Ondansetron for nausea, Meclizine for dizzyness and Valium for serve vertigo. All of it take as needed.

Today marked 9 days after my first attack. And i suddenly had a serve attack. It came out of no where and i was a 30 min drive from home luckily with someone that can drive me. I got a ride home, by the time i got here i was fully sweating, vomiting, spinning, panicing and had sight spinnng. I dissolved the Ondassetron under my tongue, waited about 3 mins took the first valium and melcizine and both came right out. After vomitting I immediately took both again and force myself to hold both in for at least 20 mins. Then i couldnt hold it any more and vomitted again. The Ondansetron kicked in around this time and I got really tired, after 10 mins of back and forth eyes open, eyes close I was able to fall a sleep.
I woke up a hour later to a lot less nausea, a medium sight spinning, dizziness, ear ringing and a mild panic feeling. I took 1 melczine cause it was prescripted 1-2 pills then I began researching this topic cause i was cleaning out a house i rented and illerally found about 2 grams of some old but decent smelling stuff.
After reading what i found online I decided for the naseua effect alone it was worth a try.
This is what i found. Dose was 2 full inhales, unknown type, strenght was mid/strong… I wasn’t loaded at all but definety high.

Instantly I lost the panic feeling, I believe my central nervous system began to stablize. 5 mins later I still was dizzy, had mild ear ringing and had sight movement but I could now walk with less support. Also had 0% nausea. 20 mins later I was no longer dizzy but still had sight movement. I literally walk up my stairs with no support right up the middle. I didnt feel unbalance at all. (Please remember i did take 1 more Melcizine and this would be about the time it started to kick in). I also began to get extremely hunger. I was scared to eat but I ate light and the food had a calming effect. Kind of like my body tellng me this attack is starting to go away.
Now im at 1.5 hour later and i feel a mild dizzness, have mild ear ringing and see a mild eye sight movement. But Im 90% better. as im less high i do feel the vertigo
symptoms more then when i was high.

I plan on smoking again tonight. Hoping i wake up 100%. I will be making a doctors appointment tomorrow with my ear nose and throat doctor. If there is another attack, i will try smoking first then the pills. For 2 reasons, the nausea/ vomitting feeling dosent go away fast enough with the pills given. 2nd reason the calmness to my nervous system makes the dizziness and spinning more managable so I panic less.

I didnt need much to feel immedately feel better. If your tempted try 1 inhale and i beleive you’ll feel a mild relief instantly.

I will update this as much as possible cause i hope it might help someone one day.


dude my personal theory is marijuana has same calming and tranquilizing effect as a benzodiazepines. Both can help for acute attacks but long term treatment could cause dependence. Better to seek out a preventative.

Marijuana for migraine is an upcoming subject. Discuss with a neurologist. ENT will be zero help in this department.


I wouldn’t dream of touching marijuana as the last thing I need right now is to be stoned, but I wondered if anyone here had considered trying CBD oil?
I’m not on meds yet, but am struggling with crippling anxiety due to this condition, to the point that I am avoiding more and more activities. I cannot remember what it is like to feel relaxed, and there are some great reviews about this (totally legal and available in the UK) oil. It’s said to help anxiety and encourage sleep. I can find no reports on its effect on dizziness but it being helpful for migraines is often mentioned.
My problem is that I’m worried that I might feel even the trace amounts of THC which seem to be in most blends, All reports suggest that these are totally negligible in terms of any psychotropic effect, and are counteracted by the CBD itself in any event. But my brain seems so overly sensitive at the moment that I still worry about this, or about the dizziness worsening. As I think the original poster said though, I often feel like the tension I’m holding in my body is exacerbating the dizziness and I’d love to know how I’d feel if that went. Like most here, I don’t sleep well and now can’t tolerate alcohol.

Anyone have any views on this, or experience of trying it?


Just thought I’d add that I realise that prescribed meds are probably the way to go forward with this illness, and that’s something I’ll be doing. It’s just that I’ve a few things coming up which I need to get through, and I would LOVE a ‘quick fix’ (or close to one) if that was available. Med trials etc take so long and involve dealing with side effects, weighing up which is worse, the illness or the medication etc, It’s so frustrating. So if something could at least help with the stress/anxiety for now, that is what I’m after.


I tried CBD oil. MJ is legal where I live. I wasn’t looking for the psychotropic either as I feel plenty weird already with MAV. I personally did not feel any more dizzy, though I did feel generally calmer and less in pain from a separate medical issue. I saw no side effects.

Effexor is keeping me up at night. I was thinking of picking up another bottle of oil to see if that would help sleep rather than adding another med.


Emily, try using 400mg magnesium glycinate to sleep better on effexor. Or else use small quantities melatonin on days you really need.

(NB from admin: these images link to products members have found helpful and at the same time help fund the site: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for your support!)


Good morning, Vigs. Does that form of Mg cause GI problems? Frankly, unless I start sleeping in the bathroom, I’ve got more than enough issues on that front already. Where MAV goes, IBS follows.


Emily, I take 400mg per day of magnesium (200 mg twice a day). I was originally taking it for osteoporosis and increased to the 400mg when I found out that it might help prevent migraines.

I first tried magnesium oxide (it’s the cheapest and easiest to find) but it caused loose stools for me. Got on the osteoporosis forum and read about some of the other types. A lot of people said that their GI systems tolerated the magnesium glycinate much better. So I tried that and they were right. It doesn’t seem to cause any of the GI issues for me.

This is the brand that I buy:

(NB from admin: these images link to products members have found helpful and at the same time help fund the site: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for your support!)


Emily, KAL is the make i use. Mag Glycinate can cause GI issues and does for me. I titrate back and forth and find my optimal dosage. One single dose of 300 to 400mg 1 hour before sleep helps.

I used to buy Pure encapsulations and it was fab but it is pricy and KAL is cheaper and experimenting with KAL for now.


Thanks Anna and Vigs.


Thank you for sharing that. I’m thinking of trying a drop or two this week. Would love it if it calmed the pain in my head/neck a little too.


I have a CBD infused lotion for that.