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Marijuana for vertigo


Emily, try using 400mg magnesium glycinate to sleep better on effexor. Or else use small quantities melatonin on days you really need.

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Good morning, Vigs. Does that form of Mg cause GI problems? Frankly, unless I start sleeping in the bathroom, I’ve got more than enough issues on that front already. Where MAV goes, IBS follows.


Emily, I take 400mg per day of magnesium (200 mg twice a day). I was originally taking it for osteoporosis and increased to the 400mg when I found out that it might help prevent migraines.

I first tried magnesium oxide (it’s the cheapest and easiest to find) but it caused loose stools for me. Got on the osteoporosis forum and read about some of the other types. A lot of people said that their GI systems tolerated the magnesium glycinate much better. So I tried that and they were right. It doesn’t seem to cause any of the GI issues for me.

This is the brand that I buy:

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Emily, KAL is the make i use. Mag Glycinate can cause GI issues and does for me. I titrate back and forth and find my optimal dosage. One single dose of 300 to 400mg 1 hour before sleep helps.

I used to buy Pure encapsulations and it was fab but it is pricy and KAL is cheaper and experimenting with KAL for now.


Thanks Anna and Vigs.


Thank you for sharing that. I’m thinking of trying a drop or two this week. Would love it if it calmed the pain in my head/neck a little too.


I have a CBD infused lotion for that.