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Practical Management of the Dizzy Patient


This book was written by my Doctor and appears to be a very thorough textbook on all things dizzy. I have not purchased it yet due to the cost… but looked at a preview on Amazon and looks very interesting!
Thought you may want to link this one to the member recommendations James.@turnitaround

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“Practical Management of the Dizzy Patient”
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Thanks for the recommendation, @Naejohn, I’ll prettify your post! :slight_smile:


Like magic! :raised_hands:


@Naejohn just looked online £656!!! Surely that cant be correct? That was on Amazon?


Its true :roll_eyes:
That’s why I have not gotten it yet. It’s a textbook they use in universities I believe… thus the cost. I may just ask him to borrow a copy when I see him next :laughing:


Omg… that is alot of money! Definitely ask him for a copy!:joy::joy::joy: we need it more than anyone right?! :see_no_evil:


He’s so nice, that he probably would loan me one lol! :smile: I am now officially obsessed with learning about this disorder!


You may have to lure him somehow…
Maybe bake him some cookies or something! :laughing::+1:


Hmmm … it’s dear, but not that expensive There are a few prices on Amazon, be careful to select the right vendor. You can get it there for much less in the UK at this link, but yeah, still pricey!!:


Well, let’s hope the universities can afford it! Or it will be pointless. There are numerous articles on line with the same title by various plp. I read some long time back. Guess you’ll need to find somebody with access to the university library cos I cannot imagine, at that price, you’ll get him to loan you one FOC. It must be leather bound in goldleaf for that price. Don’t suppose they put the decimal point in the wrong place? Helen


Hey, Naejohn,
You can find it for about $44.00 (US) on It’s a great website for purchasing used books. I don’t know whether this link will work but if you just go to the ABEbooks home page and search on the author’s name, you’ll find some copies that are available from used bookstores in the US.


Good morning Anna, Thank you! $44.00 is something I can manage :slight_smile:
In retrospect, after all of the useless herbs, supplements, gadgets etc that I have wasted money on… this would be a real positive investment! Thank you!


Wow… thanks Anna! Bought!! :grin:


Please let us know what lessons you get from it!