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I was told about this by Susie today and I’ve ordered a pair to try.

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Peace out.

The Mup


Gee I look sexy in my new glasses! :shock:

I wish I could post a picture but it wont let me upload the file! :evil:


What is it like wearing these?

I live on the beach, do you think they would be helpfully?
Do they look really rediculous?

sue :smiley:


Na they dont look ridiculous - if you go on the Migralens website, mine are the 64pounds unisex style so they’re fine and they’d be great for the beach!

I just look funny in the office wearing green lenses! BUT I’M OWNING IT! :lol:


Just wanted to check in and see how these are working for you, specifically around the computer (if that’s a trigger for you). I’m considering ordering a pair but I’ve spent money on other tinted glasses and they didn’t do squat for me with this trigger.