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I give up - Doctors grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Been to the Hospital this morning to see my Consultant (who is old school) …told him about my testing and the symptom I have (vertigo Sleep Shock) and he was about as interested as the man in the moon. If he hasnt read it in his medical text book then he doesnt want to know…and blatantly wont pass this symptom on to any of his colleagues. Think of the waste of money that is going on with A & E visits/MRI or CT scans, testing and coming up with normal results with doctors not sharing information with each other on MAV related symptoms. No wonder we are in the state we are if they wont listen to anyone…sorry guys and gals I know im venting a bit but why ask questions on our symptoms if they wont listen to the answers. It was only after I showed him a letter from my private ENT consultant saying I had probable MAV that he took my prognosis on board…was asking who has made this diagnosis as tho I was saying it. God help us all…


oh Paulus its so infuriating that none of these gp’s are aware of what we go through on a day to day basis such a shower of shit :sweat:


Yeah ENT technology and the state of care Is pretty bad. Many disagree with each other on diagnosis and the side of the barn sized buckets they put us all in is crazy! Don’t entirely blame the doctors though: it’s very tricky to tell what’s going on so deep in our skulls.

The very observation that they don’t know exactly what happens during a vertigo attack is just crazy given where we are with the rest of science.


James can you remember which post listed all the meds available ?


Regular practice doctors seem to have very little to zero knowledge of this condition. Super frustrating! :frowning:


“Shower of shit.” Love that description! Ha!!! It’s a very true one indeed! What makes me the most frustrated is the amount of meds that have been thrown at me just because they don’t know what else to do. It’s crazy really. Like a total crap shoot, and most of us are left here to figure out what makes us feel better all on our own. Hence this website! We’re all constantly doing our own research in hopes of help. Sad and annoying, but so thankful for sites like these where we can share what we learn and feel better about not being alone!


This guy was a main Consultant in a fainting area team…he must see 100’s of mav patients and yet he thought my symptoms were possibly endocrine related…would’nt have it i was getting neck triggered vertigo and reluctantly accepted the ENT’s prognosis of MAV. Needs a shake up in my opinion…too used to not thinking outside the box…



But Hain has a great flowchart at bottom of this page:

And his page on drugs for vertigo:


yes that one thanks…