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Heat Haze


It could be worth a try tbh what I now do is not have too much at once like if you went out all day lights movement then had loads of dairy that’s loads of triggers in one day! So I maybe have eggs one a week or whatever I do t cut it completely . Things I do tho msg / chocolate ( white is ok ) and caffeine those are the main ones ! :slight_smile:


Ooh thanks. Yippee I love white choc x


My mother had COPD and my brother has asthma, and both dairy free because it causes congestion from mucous build up. I wouldn’t have associated it with drippy nose though. It is often listed as migraine symptom. I don’t like thought of cutting dairy because women need calcium, particularly those planning babies and menopausal ones too. Helen


I train a nutritionist and she said it could but who knows I take calcium supps as dairy does lots of Nasty stuff to me :grimacing:


You would think dairy would equal congestion, not runny nose.


Everyone is different, but historically eggs are worse on me than dairy. The Johns Hopkins diet recommends eating eggs no more than 2-3 times per week.


I can’t eat either one.


I will avoid eggs. To be fair I probably have two a week


The national osteoporosis society would know. From calculations I’ve done using their info, a prolonged dairy free diet would be calcium deficient for most. It’s annoying how things can overlap and affect other conditions. Cure one thing and develop something else. I stick with dairy. Don’t think it’s a problem for me fortunately and I cannot take calcium supplements though good luck to those that can. Helen


So confusing all these symptoms. So I had a decaf coffee last night and within 15 mins my cheeks were on fire. So surely this is a trigger? Feeling super spaced out today :tired_face:


Wow! Guess so. Yr system must be really hyper reacting to decaff. Not much caffeine in there. No different really to my light sensitivity being so bad I was wearing two pairs of tinted lens backalong. Just very hyper currently. Helen


I think I should cut out all de-caf then? Has the red bush tea got any caffeine in? Yes me must be very sensitive to triggers.


Perhaps so. Reducing my caffeine intake has really lowered my rear head pressure. Didn’t have it at all all day yesterday. Very unfortunate because I LOVE tea. Red Bush apparently is caffeine free. Helen


Oh that’s great Helen. Ok I’ll get some. Thanks


That’s really Interesting eggs make me go funny too


I have red bush :slight_smile:


And strangely enough I had eggs yesterday. So I’m going to cut eggs out and get the redbush x


I feel sensitive to even decaf. Decaf is still something like 1/10 the caffeine of normal caffeinated coffee. I have cut out all caffeine. As I get better I might go back to decaf to test, But honestly I’ve adjusted my life to caffeine free at this point and I rarely have cravings anymore.


Thanks Erik! Can’t believe even that small amount can still be a trigger. Just brewed my first cup of red bush! Not to bad at all!