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Heat Haze


Well, I’m still waiting for the waiting for a Flying Pig personally but yes, a unicorn would be just fine! Perhaps we need to try to imagine the visual stuff is free entertainment. Helen


I used to see birds flying by that weren’t there. Sometimes I’d get surprised when someone else would react to something I was sure was just an hallucination.


This is exactly what I see hun even showed this pic to dr s !


yeah sort off, particularly with patterns, and only on the lower part of my vision field, it is weird.


Gosh we literally have all the same symptoms. Mine wasn’t in my whole view thou just on the back gate. It was like coming off the gate and I had to even check there was no gas filter around.

What did Dr S say about it?


Mine is usually dead center of my vision when I get it, not the entire frame of vision. For example, looking directly at a digital clock. That will haze but everything else around it is fine. I know when that acts up I’m a bit symptomatic.
Your’s with being outside might gauge sensitivity to light at that moment, but it’s at least getting better cause it’s not indoors! Silver lining.


Mine isn’t the whole thing either it’s always really far away too! Usually … dr S said it was migraineous activity ! He said the visual can take longer to go :grimacing: I think @gidlabu experienced this too. X


Yes the same only on an object. Yes only happens outside. So bizarre. It looked like it was bending back and forth like waves i suppose!


That’s interesting. I’m really curious to see what he says on your next visit about the detached feeling etc.


I’ll bet you Christmas is this coming Tuesday week, he’ll say it’s ‘migraineous activity’. Bet you he cannot prove it though. No more than any other medic really can either. Not that I’d doubt it isn’t related to the MAV. Apart from anything else it would be too depressing to think we have so many different things wrong with us all at once. MAV is quite enough for me, thanks. Helen


I agree Helen don’t need any more health issues. I never ever related these set of symptoms to migrane, but they all make sense now. Head feeling full, when getting up sometimes head will beat without pain, weird visuals but the detached feeling has to be the worst! It’s crazy because my brother has same symptoms now and again but was diagnosed 6 years ago with labs. And my dad said he has moments where he feels as if he is not really here and he has history of migranes. One symptom I have noticed but not sure if it is linked to mav is that my nose will literrally start running like water then it goes! So strange.


Absolutely, it’s related. And ‘runs like water’. Not mucous like with a cold, I’ve actually seen it listed as a symptom many places. When I get a breakthough these days, when I react to something (this week it was a shopping trip to Morrisons on Wednesday) I get bad rear head pressure and muffled hearing and probably bit of ear fullness about 16 hours later but, if I get forewarning I get a runny nose and one side of one or two fingers on my right hand go numb from the knuckle up but only on the right-hand side of the fingers. Helen


Omg I never knew the running water nose was related! Reassures me in a weird kind of way! When your attacks ease do you go back to relatively normal or are your symptoms 24/7?


Fingers crossed, my 24/7 symptoms stopped April-time, after 18 months on sufficiently high dose of Propranolol. Since, it seems a trigger is needed to give me a breakthrough, let’s call it, ‘mini’ (reduced severity) attack. Sometimes the breakthrough is easily attributable to some trigger or another, other times not. Appears to just ‘happen’. Afterwards I return to baseline. Helen


Wow that’s great, can’t believe it took 18 months on prop thou to reduce the daily symptoms! It’s like we have been brain damaged or something! Can’t believe it takes so long and lots of drug trials for it to calm down!


Oh, it didn’t take 18 months ‘to reduce daily symptoms’. Things started to improve for me after 8 months on the higher dose. I’d previously spent over a year on a lower dose which did a little but only a very little. After 8 months of higher dose (saw a second neurologist who upped it), the 24/7 dizziness started to stop intermittently. It’s certainly affected balance but not really ‘brain damage’. I doubt that recovers. Propranolol seems to be a long turn project but it could be because I had MAV so long untreated. No way of really knowing that but consultants do say. I was lucky. No great drug trials for me. I took to the second betablocker I was given by very slow tiration. Helen


@Natty04 I’ve also read this is linked to having too much dairy !


What, the watery nose is linked to too much dairy? Helen


I’ve cut out yoghurt, cheese and only have small milk in my decaf tea :joy: should I cut out eggs too for migrane :thinking:


Yes a lot o people can get more mucus build up from dairy a lot of my clients get this too it’s a huge reason I try to limit dairy anyway regardless of migraine