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Duration of Migraine associated vertigo


Is it heard of that anyone can recover in less than a year …most people on here seem to have been suffering for years… It’s really worrying !!!.
I’m not taking any medication… Only supplements magnesium vitamin b2 and feverfew…( sorry that’s a lie I take 40 mg of propranalol but have been taking this for anxiety for 3 years) .
It’s been 12 weeks of Dizzyness so far and feels like forever, it’s driving me mad the constant search for answers.
i also wanted to know when people say they have vertigo attacks, does that mean they have periods with no vertigo?
Because mine is constant and the severity doesn’t change… It feels like I’m drunk and swaying.
I have no symptoms when sitting, lying down, as a passenger in a car, I can drive, watch TVs, and use the computer, the Dizzyness is when walking and standing up.
I also have a feeling of pressure on the top of my head, and base of skull ( like tension)
Does anyone suffer the same symptoms?.
Thanks Nadine.


I think it varies tremendously but looks like some get to a very good point after roughly 2 years. Ears take a long time to heal. Some may be luckier.


Yes! I know of people who are diagnosed quickly and recover in under a year.


And remember, those who recover quickly leave these forums quickly. A few hang around but you’ll see that even the original admins got well and don’t come on here.


Although there is a Facebook group that was set up during the life of this site … not sure how many ‘shifted’ over there … but I won’t put a downer on it … there are loads of examples of recovered people.


I have always thought of this condition as another form of migraine so I fully expect through out my life I will have times I’ll have to be on medication and times I’ll be absolutely fine. Isn’t this a condition that we will manage knowing our triggers and avoiding them permanently? There isn’t a cure for migraines so I assume this will flare up time to time for life as this is a migraine variant. I’ll definitely have to ask my Nuro this on my next appointment x


Vikki, I think the name is sometimes inappropriate.

For some people this may be a ‘central’ condition, but for a lot of people on this board it is highly likely its something to do with the inner ear. I mean, almost anything to do with ‘dizziness’ has something to do with the inner ear, even if indirectly.

I note that you can get migraines from having a Perilymph Fistula, BPPV, SEH or Menieres. Or just ‘ear trouble’.

I’ve only been diagnosed as having Migrainous Vertigo, but that doesn’t really fully explain my symptoms.

I think I have some blend of a BPPV & Hydrops condition. I still get vertigo attacks despite being on an effective prophylactic that has eliminated the migraines. I’m absolutely sure the remaining attacks I have are not migraines (but would be worse but for the medicine) and they aren’t Menieres like either because I don’t get fullness nor dulled hearing.

Having said all that my attacks ceased for 6 months after starting Amitriptiline. Like I reported i’ve had only 1 major attack since and prior to taking this drug I was having 1 every two days for 2 or 3 weeks. Things have definitely got better!!

On the bright side I now have fewer attacks than I used to have hangovers!!


I think you are right James, about some people suffering from central condition and others from inner ear. I don’t feel it’s my ears that’s the problem and the only complaint I have about my ears is they are very sensitive to noise

I think the condition has a wide range of symptoms and causes. I do feel though that mine is just another form of migraine and I’ll just have to manage it from now on like I do my aura ones.

Did you get migraines before this all started James? Was you diagnosed in the U.K.? X


Yes diagnosed in the UK.

I had one migraine in my life prior to this issue. Had plenty of smaller headaches, usually something to do with de-hydration after exercise or drinking.

I feel that MAV is a kind of catch-all. It’s like there’s a limit to the tests and a spectrum of symptoms and severity so they have this huge bucket and stick everyone in there!

Just to add: there is a lot to be said about conservative management using medicines, so I’m ok with waste basket diagnosis because I firmly believe the body is probably best placed to do the healing, rather than the surgeon at this tiny scale of the body.


reassuring words … thank you .


I know the body is amazing and heals a lot itself over time but I had this for over two years with no diagnoses or medication and I didn’t get better to the point I’m at now. I do believe the meds got me this far and what my Nuro says about them giving my brain a chance to calm down from its irritated state x


Omg … the thought of being like this for years.
Today woke up with a migraine ( pressure in head)
And I’ve been following the migraine diet for 5 weeks Ive cut out all forms of caffeine, cheese alcohol, processed meats.
my period is due any day and I’ve come to realise that this is my trigger, so now I’m wondering if it’s all hormone related would being put on a hormone treatment cure the problem.
(And also if its hormone related I may not need to cut out many of the food I enjoy!!)
Anyone got any thoughts on this?


Vikki I have no doubt meds reduce symptoms and can eliminate migraines. Mine have. They give your body breathing space to heal. Also they may help with anxiety. It’s possible anxiety has a negative physiological impact on the ear, but who knows …


@nad I’ve also had flare ups of my symptoms the last two times I was PMSing. My neurologist said if the symptoms are due to hormones then birth control may help. If I end up taking it then I will let you know if it helps.


@Nad Before I became apartment bound in general, I used to only be apartment bound the week of my period. My neurologist and GYN suggested trying continuous cycling birth control so I don’t get periods at all, and that helped immensely. I didn’t have any more weeks where I was apartment bound (until the past year when all my symptoms got much worse, but that’s off topic). Now I haven’t had a period for 3 to 4 years! As far as the diet, a lot of people swear by the migraine diet. I have tried a lot of the elimination ideas for a month at a time and haven’t really found any food triggers. I do know fried foods and sometimes french fries can give me headaches as does iced tea, but other than that I seem okay. I cut chocolate and cheese from my diet for a month and actually felt worse, then had a hard time getting used to cheese again. Everyone has different triggers. Many people seem to have food triggers, but there are those like me who really don’t.