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Does L-Tyrosine Conflict with Migraine Diet?


I have real bad fatigue and l-tyrosine helps a tad bit (500mg 1-3x a day between meals) and I read a book that recommended even 500-2000mg 2-3x a day so I’m considering if I’m taking too little.

BUT according to the main migraine diets I’ve seen on this forum (‘Heal your Headache’ and other diets), we should avoid tyramine which comes from tyrosine. So anyone know if L-Tyrosine Conflicts with the main Migraine Diets?



I think its the bacteria that breaks tyrosine down to tyramine. So as long as you aren’t fermenting your L-Tyrosine, seems like it should be okay. I don’t know. Do you think its extra dopamine that you are benefiting from L-Tyrosine? I was thinking to try it as well to help with depression.


I tried 2000mg today and that seems maybe a little too intense (makes me a little jittery and such but I still feel fatigue pretty bad) and 1500 doesn’t seem to do much but maybe I have to wait longer as I only waited like an hour after the third dose (and I have them in capsules of 500mg)