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Cetirizine (antihistamine) seems to be helping me


I’ve taken 10mg of Cetirizine Hydrochloride, sold as Extra Strength Reactine, for the past 10 days or so.

I take it with food in the morning. I think this matters for me.

So far I haven’t had a single bad day. I’ll update if it continues to work.

Not sure if it is advisable to take such a high dosage. I will consult my doctor in Jan.


Meclizine is an antihistamine and so is Cetrizine. Meclizine is a vestibular supressant used for acute treatment of vertigo. I think they share some of the underlying properties and that is why it can help. All the antihistamines in general also have anticholinergic activity. Amitriptyline has some minimal anticholinergic properties as well.

Also keeping allergies at bay helps MAV/Meniere’s/Hydrops and in general all of these conditions.


Yes, it does help me as well. Not to the extent that it was completely gone, but it for sure has a limiting effect.


Take a look at my post - Histamine Intolerance - this could be part of the answer…


I’d say it helped for 2.5 weeks or so then wore off. I could do a lot more than I normally can and more consistently while I was on the antihistamine.

2-3 hours a day of work at one point for 7 days in a row during the holidays. Also, I was helping out with lots of questions from customers and tourists (I work in the tour industry).

Sadly, it seemed to wear off last week.

My doctor said I could bump it up to 20mg daily.

I feel better today. Not great, but much better than yesterday.


My Dr. says 20mg for two weeks, followed by ZERO pills for two weeks to see if there is a difference. Then repeat


I have read this somewhere. You take antihistamines for certain days in a month then give a break and then repeat. I think your doc is doing something to that effect.


20mg seems to help now. On brand name extra strength reactine. I find that the generics aren’t as effective. Not sure how safe this dosage is but I’ll try it for another week or two.

Going to work everyday. Not full time hours but still way better than average.

There’s lots of research that allergic reactions can cause inflammation in the brain, thus causing other illnesses.