Migraine-associated vertigo (MAV) is a syndrome consisting of dizziness and/or vertigo that is suspected to be related to migraine. Many patients diagnosed with MAV do not have headaches, or have chronic non-specific headaches that don't fit into the migraine classification developed by the International Headache Society.
The cause of this condition is unknown but progress is being made through clinical experience and genetic research. This condition was previously rarely diagnosed, but is now proving to be one of the most common causes of chronic dizziness and/or recurrent vertigo.

Sufferers often describe chronic dizziness and dysequilibrium in the form of a "rocking" sensation when still, recurrent episodes of rotational vertigo, chronic daily headaches, migraine headaches, light sensitivity, poor visual acuity and other changes in vision, visual "snow", nausea and severe motion intolerance. Many of these symptoms cannot be objectively observed or tested for, so physical and neurological examinations (including neuroimaging) are often completely normal. Patients generally do not have all of these symptoms - in fact those with chronic dizziness have quite often not experienced acute rotational vertigo or even a migraine headache.

MAV is often misdiagnosed as Meniere's Disease, Vestibular Neuritis or as a psychiatric disorder. A condition previously described, known as "atypical Meniere's" is no longer recognised and is believed to be a migrainous vertigo sydnrome.

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