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Worse before its better w medication?


Yes the treatment for “PPPD” is the exact same, with a little more emphasis on the SSRI/SNRI route for the “anxiety” portion. Personally, I find this diagnosis even more of a bucket diagnosis than MAV and more offensive, at least in my case. I’m not avoiding going places because of anxiety it’s because I can’t walk in somewhere without feeling pushed down to the ground, the ground moving beneath me, visual vertigo, and so much more. For me the anxiety is definitely secondary to the dizziness and I get so pissed at anyone or any doctor who says otherwise.


For sure it is secondary (imho too) BUT I’ve heard my neuro say that anxiety can also block recovery. This makes some sense because inner ear and brain also react to stress. I guess this condition sets up some vicious cycles and they are just trying to help you get out of them where they can. No doubt it’s not easy though …


Huh, I kind of ignored the behavioral aspects and focused on the very specific triggering event/visual aspects. It explains my before and after.


Without subjecting your brain to these you can’t compensate, but if you subject it too much you will go into migraine and that’s never going to help.

VRT is a classic example of a therapy that attempts to speed up compensation but fails because it goes too far … better off just steadily increasing activity and broadening environment: uncomfortable? fine … migraine? NOT GOOD!


Yeah, I was actually thinking about a specific event. I’m a dizzy, migraine-y thing. Those have not always coincided. I went completely ketogenic and anti-inflammatory last year in response to a traumatic pelvic injury. For 3 months I was totally stable and headache free. If I hadn’t been otherwise tortured, it would have been bliss. That makes the next bit just that much crueler. We had an epically bad fire season. Migraine crept back in, but as always for me they were moderate and, except for being dizzy, without aura. Then in September I had a migraine of mammoth proportions. The aura rolled thru each of my sensory cortexes in succession for 5 days. By the time my husband hauled me into the ER my normally moderate pain was severe, I was insensate and kept passing out. The crazy strong IV cocktail managed to knock it back to moderate but never stopped the vestibular symptoms. A week of low dose Trokendi XR and the ugliest, biggest sunglasses ever seem to be helping a bit. That’s why PPPD resonates.


hey how u getting on with Effexor?


Just a quick update with the Ami, the swaying, rocking, and unsteadiness got gradually worse over the weekend. I’m a university student and it began to affect my concentration. I’ve decided to stop taking it about 3 days ago and I do feel better. Im currently only on an antihistamine (180mg) which has helped a little. I may give the Ami another go but during a school break not during classes. I probably shouldve stuck with it a little more but it was very bad with going to classes.

I read about the PPPD thing and that seems very accurate, however, it needs a triggering event which lumps us back to MAV or some other vestibular disorder.


I am on it now for the 3rd day,i do feel alittle better, but the Dr. said it will be 2 to 3 weeks to take effect but I see improvement today…I can walk without being afraid, my dizziness is alittle better…I would go back to your dr. and give him a copy of the article on PPPD…a lot of Drs. are missing the real problem…keep in touch and thanks…i’m satisfied so far…marge