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does anyone work full time? if so how do you manage and cope with this condition, ive been offered a full time job and it seems to have come while im relapse mode I would really love to give it a go as im fed up with my current job!


You can work full time. I am going to steal Scott’s words here. Say you have 10$ to spend and you spend 12$ then you will pay the price the next day. As long as you can stay within your load threshold you should be good. Assuming you are on meds which keep you at a baseline and your baseline need not be100%. Mine is more like 80-85% when i don’t have a relapse.


I’ve been working full time for 4 years with this. Some days are better than others, but it’s more or less about mental fortitude. I always keep in mind that I’m not dying, that this can’t actually harm me.

I actually find that work takes my mind off the fact that I’m dizzy. I can’t sit around and think about it all day because I’m distracted by work. I use a computer screen filter and try to get up and take breaks periodically so I’m not constantly staring at a screen