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Without Headaches


How many of you get these without headaches?

I get headaches that are typically triggered by the sun but for the past 7 weeks of this bouncing/upright vertigo I haven’t had any head pain at all (plenty of pressure/head rushes/and tingling)?


Replacement maybe, this can happen. I had sick headaches as a young girl, then nothing migraine-wise for many years, then vertigo attacks which nobody, me included, linked to headache/migraine for more than a decade, then in 2015 diagnosed with ‘migraine associated vertigo’. That’s a common pattern for females. Hormone linked I more than suspect. Many - including the migraine specialist neurologist I saw -,believe the ‘head pressure/tingling’ etc to be the ‘headache’. Lots of MAV`ers will say they don’t experience headaches. Another consensus is that the constant dizziness is status migraineous, ie the sufferer is in the throes of an ongoing migraine that started and forgot to ever stop. It can last years and this indeed is how my ‘MAV’ started four years ago with an acute vertigo attack - without headache in my case - but with light, sound sensitivity and other typical migraine symptoms that forgot to go away.


Hello! I usually wake up with pressure, rather than pain, maybe 1-3/10 but I don’t notice it much anymore. Aimovig did relieve the pressure for me, it may be worth a shot if you’re able to try it. The spinning definitely increases the pressure for me. I hope you find Something good I’m these forums to help you. :heart: