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Weird vision and eyes


How much clonazepam are you taking, and how often? I have found some success with this as well as it seems to decompress the sensations we over react to. But, it tends to compound the fatigue that I have with all this. My doc doesn’t want me taking too much clonazepam because of the addiction factor, but quality of life has to be part of that decision as well.


I take 1 mg clonazepam when the dizziness strikes. I take it like 3 or 4 times week. Whenever I go out I have to take 1 mg clonazepam otherwise I wouldn’t be able to function.


I used to take it daily. But it stopped working I decided to stop it. I do miss it a lot coz it did help but made me sleep a lot.


I also take .25 when I do something socially as well…like you, it allows me to get out in multi sensory environments without getting too overstimulated. For me I also find it helps if I need to be on the computer a lot during the day as it decreases eye pressure. The most I ever take is .75 in a day, usually .5 split in half and take morning/afternoon can help. I guess it comes down to quality of life, and if this can help one keep a job and have some sense of a social life it is priceless. I also take a small does of adderall to help with the brain fog this brings with it. That combination may be what I need for the foreseeable future.


Adderall is banned here otherwise i would be taking it alongside clonazepam like you.


Where do you live? Are there other similar medications available, like Vyvanse? For me klonopin is most important medication I take right now as it relieves the eye pressure caused by working on the computer or being in multi sensory environments. Again, is this because the eyes are making up for a deficit somewhere else? Clearly they are working more than usual to feel this way. The combination that is getting me through at this point is zoloft, adderall, and of course klonopin. With that I can still manage to work and get out and about every so often.


I live in india. All amphetamine based stimulant medicines are banned here. Clonazepam is the most important medicine for me too.


I know these drugs are a quality of life improver in the short term for some but they are hugely controversial and reportedly quite dangerous:


It is unknown to me whether the eyes are working overtime to compensate for defect somewhere else(the brain or the ear for example ) or whether the problem is with the eyes itself.


Its much more than quality of life, i would not be able to work if it weren’t for the benzos.
No drug is without side effects. The commonly prescribed NSAID can cause fatal gastrointestinal bleeding (and in fact does send people to their graves).
Paracetamol is extremely hepatotoxic if you overdose.


I appreciate for many it’s a hugely difficult choice but if anyone is in doubt why these drugs are absent from many a doctor’s therapeutic prescription workflow the above document explains why.