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Weird headache and coping strategies


Hello all,

I hope everybody is doing well. I have two main questions/concerns. Please feel free to let me know if you have any insight.

  1. A couple of days ago my left temple and eye area were hurting. Basically like a headache. The next day it continued and I basically had a headache on the left side of my face only. Towards bedtime, the pain and pressure was more noticible and was in my sinuses, but only on the left side of my face. It also left me a little nauseous. The pressure came back today a little bit in my nose, at a very distinct point. Should I be worried about this? I’ve never had a headache at such a exact location and only on one side of my face.

  2. The past few weeks I have been ok, but some days are much worse than other. Today I am having a really hard time. Super scatter brained, super dizzy, just all over the place. It is extremely hard to work(which is what I am doing today.) my question is, are there any coping strategies that have helped you in between doctors appointments or when you have to go to work? I have been eating pretty good, getting lots of sleep, and drinking water but I still feel like crap. It would be helpful to know if there is anything more I can do to at least get through the work day.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Camille,

Regarding #1 if you have a sinus infection it can cause localized pain in your face.

Regarding #2 keep working. This dizziness is a nuisance, treat it as such. It is not a life threatening condition and try to keep as normal a life as possible. Radical acceptance helps, but easier said than done.

Also keep trialing other meds. I plan to give amitriptyline a six month run and then reduce the mg and add a second drug and see what happens.

For me i can say for sure my good days are getting better but my bad days are not disappearing either. I had a shock of dizzy episodes yesterday so a little rattled today.

I was planning a road trip this long weekend and i still want to make it happen. Will keep the group posted if i made it or not.


Hello Vignesh,

Havnt heard from you in a while.

  1. I don’t believe I have a sinus infection. I have had one before but this feels different.

  2. yea I think I am going to go back and try a new drug. I am on 35mg Noritriptyline. Some say it’s takes a while to work but I just don’t think it’s the one for me. What are you currently taking?


I am on Amitriptyline 20mg…i increased to 25mg but i get excess sweating and dry mouth and my imbalance is no better so stuck to 20mg

I should say this, Ami is a god send and it definitely helps. But i am @ ~75%. Waits to be seen if any med can get me closer to 100%.

I am currently trialing Betahistine in the probability i have hydrops. It has quietened my tinnitus but not done much to the dizziness.

Lots of people claim they are 100% on meds not sure if that means they feel like they do before this illness. I understand 100% can mean different things for different people. For me 100% is when i can ignore i have this crap and live life ! So i will try adding a low dose of a different drug to see if it helps.


Have you been on Ami before or is this the first time? When I first tried it, it helped me but it got up to 75mg and I felt like it wasn’t helping anymore.

Do you think I should try to go back on? I wonder if that would do anything?


you have tried both ami and nort…for you it is time for a trial from a different group…you can still keep minimal dose of nort in there