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weight gain mav and 25/7 symptoms


Key is indulging yourself into something that you love doing or hobby. I recently took up fasion to update my wardrobe to modern standards and pretty occupy with it even at work lol. I even went clothes shopping even though store lights bother me and makes me dizzy but i still went. Afterwards my mood got lifted because i had all these clothes and looked great in them lol. Same story at the barbershop. Felt little dizzy and clippers against my head sounded loud but after a great haircut and seeing myself, it just lifts my spirit i almost forget i have this crap.



Sure, that’s part of it but I bet deep down inside, and you weren’t conscious of it at the time, something’s saying ‘I’m in charge here MAV. I’m winning’. Great psychological boost.


Have you found one that works for you?


Have you ever found any med in all those years that has helped you?


Yes, I take Propranolol but what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. Also the drugs can take months to work, nothing with MAV is fast it seems.

Hv you been given a MAV diagnosis and suggestions of what preventative to try or are you still waiting to see specialist. You need to try for a diagnosis that you yourself can believe in. First step.


Helen could I ask what dose of proprananol do you take ?


Sure, ask away but I’m not telling. Lot more than you take, courtesy of the consultant but unlike Dr S, ‘mine’ agrees with PP for MAV. Max UK GP can supply is 1t0mg. It wouldnt be comparable anyway as you take 2 drugs and, currently I only take the one.


Thanks no I get it’s totslly different did you mean 110? I only ask because if anything I can always go up on my prop wasn’t sure how high you could go


Sorry, well spotted. No that’s a typo. Propranolol dose for migraine prevention is 80-160mg.

If it’s of any interest just bn long walk over rough stubble in high wind mostly and last quarter really struggled with the eyes ‘not keeping up’ as you say. It’s not the first time by any means. I always think they feel like they are working separately well that last lap of the walk today it felt as if I had one eye in one field and the other in the next field over. You’ll know what I mean. Back to normal 15 minutes after back indoors. I think it happens when we push exercise too far, too much of a strain for the balance bit of the brain. Helen


Dance the edge, Helen. Maybe next week you get to hold on to a clear view just a bit longer.


Strangely enough despite the queer working separately feeling I could see perfectly clearly throughout. It did however and obviously affect my balance. Guess really pushing it, with several different types of rough terrain, sun out and bit of uphill climb. Breezy when we went out, promptly turned into bit of a mini gale, and this is supposed to be Summer!


That’s my favorite weather, but then I do live in soggy Seattle.