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Vng and ecog results and need input


So what I feared the most just happend this morning. Our house has 2 levels and I was going downstairs to my car to go to work and suddenly I had a mini vertigo attack? I was spinning for like 5 secs. It was scary. The very last one you can say it was a vertigo attack was last year of November at a mall but it was brief like less than a second. I can’t imagine how can people endure this for hours on end. I don’t know what has changed to cause this. I do eat hamburger and fries on the weekend but I over did it this weekend for dinner twice with 3 wings and 2 small slices of pork. There is something about stairs that makes me uneasy. Going up, I hate the fact that it makes me extra bouncy on my vision and going down makes me want to plunge forward sometimes. I do sometimes step extra hard when going down the stairs(almost like a stomp) and I don’t know if this somehow changed the pressure in the ears to cause vertigo or just poor diet. Any word of encouragement will be appreciated.


I get Mini spins ocassionally as I like to call them. Yes it is unsettling. You are not alone and it is part of the package. I thank God it is a rare occurence.


Thank you for replying. How often do you get them? Mine was 4 months ago and I thought I was on the clear :frowning:


2 months once. True rotational vertigo lasting seconds.


I hate those quick spins. Hold the stairs rail if you have one. Falling down the stairs really hurts.


Ah, sorry to hear, but don’t panic.

Haven’t had spins in a while, just mild vertigo (I believe it’s a continuum).

Used to have them standing up, in random places during the day … varying duration.

Thankfully can’t remember when I last had one … it’s been a year?!

Hang in there! This stuff morphs.

I have a theory the spins are a step along the way to recovery.


I started getting these short attacks in 2009 and at some point was told to limit my salt intake. They continued and progressed to longer attacks with an 8 hour one in 2013 at that time my ENT put me on triampterine/hctz which is a Diuretic. I do think this and watching my salt intake helped me avoid attacks for a long time and I think in hindsight I wish they had prescribed this earlier instead of waiting for a major attack.

Of course everyone is different and I hope your attacks don’t progress like mine did. But you may want to ask your ENT if a drug like that could help you have less of these atracks.


Thx for replying. I currently on a diuretic as well called diamox at 1000mg. I watch my salt intake everyday but about 3 times out of the week i do cheat with a hamburger and fries. Thx for chiming in, much appreciated.