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VM and Depersonalization


Page 19 of the Walton Centre Migraine Guide details Amitriptyline dosage and side effects, and other common preventatives too. Very informative document written for patients.


Thanks Helen. This page comes up as nothing for me? :thinking:


Strange that. We try again. You wont find any Venflaxine info there. It’s too modern. Only just being used for MAV in UK. I suspect. Helen


Thanks Helen, really appreciate your help!


Have they checked you with a spinal test for zoster? Most of my problems were solved with high dosis of antivirals, could rash be shingles?
My life changed after 3 months of taking antivirals ( valacyclovir) , no more light sensitivity or sound . Have sporadic silent migraines but no more pain. Hope this helps:)


Thank you for that information! Im so glad you found out what were causing your problems and got the right treatment for it. I have never been checked for the zoster virus, would that br the same as HSV that you get tested through a blood test? Did your primary doctor do the spinal tap? Sometimes I do get littke cold sores but have never been tested. I wonder if a supplement like Lystine would help me if it was zoster? Very helpful information! Thank you.


Hi Kelly. How is the detached/dreamlike feeling been for you recently?


Hi Natty! I have been feeling pretty so so, My symptoms always get worse during PMS. How have you been feeling?


Well that doesn’t sound to bad! Not that great tbh. Been having migranes and ear pain/pressure. So spaced out today. First week on gabapentin so my brain may be adjusting.


I’m sorry you’re not doing good. I know starting new medicine can be really frustrating but try and hang in there usally side effects go away. You will have to let me know how the gabapention starts working, I hope it helps you!


Thanks Kelly. Early days on this drug but I will do an update in a few weeks and let you know :pray:t2: