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VM and Depersonalization


That’s amazing! Did you try any other anti dep before Ven? How do you feel when you are outside now?


Ive had Nortriptyline in the antidepressants family but couldnt tolerate it. Ive also had anticonvulsants, betablockers, calcium channel blockers, pizotifen…the lot!!! Much better outside on Venlafaxine


Wow I bet you were loosing hope to find a successful drug! That’s how I feel. I will definitely ask my doctor about it! I will try anything to get rid of this spaced out feeling. Thanks for the messages!


Nice chatting with you😊


Hi Jojo
Can I ask what dose of venlafaxine you are on and how long it took you to get to that dose?



Im just over 2 months on Venlafaxine and started on half a tablet for the first 4 weeks then full 37.5mg. My MAV was pretty severe couldnt work…no quality of life so i didnt hang about long on the half dose.


Dr. Hain’s website says that he prescribes amitriptyline in doses ranging from 10mg to 50mg. So you are at the very low end. The usual protocol is to start with a low dose, then if that doesn’t solve the problem, slowly increase it. So you may find that 20mg works better, or you may even need to eventually bump it up again to 30mg. It’s all trial and error.


Thank you for that advice!


Ok thanks Jojo


I am on 150 mg of venlafaxine, both psych and neuro wanted me at this dose. It took me 5 months to titrate up. My side effects have been increased apetite and weight, but something maneagable. I am still dizzy but much more functional. Visual vertigo, headache, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, tiredness, ear pressure, ear pain are for the most part gone. Hain recommends max 75mg, but other neuros are less conservative. Worry is that going off is difficult, but so far I am not contemplating it. I am working full time, have a 15-month old, and basically pretty functional, so even if dizzy, life is good. If it works for you dont be afraid to go up.


Dizzy3, that is so nice to hear that this medication has helped you! I hope that every single person on this board can get to a point where they are content with their symptoms and happy with their life!


thanks, and sorry didnt answer the depersonalization, i totally had it. I remember the first day I felt it I was with my mom and I told her: mom I feel I am watching a movie of my life. It was so weird. Hope you get better soon!


That’s so good @dizzy3 that these symptoms have eased! I hate the detached feeling the most! It’s so strange telling ppl that I feel like I am in a dream. Venafalaxine seems to help a lot with these set of symptoms. I noticed you spelt it as “mom” what area are you from as I also say mom instead of mum lol


ha, well my first language is Spanish, I am from Mexico but I live in the US. :slight_smile:


Oh ok you are definitely not near me then in England :joy: has your dreamlike symptom gone now?


yup, my two main remaining symptoms
are the rocking sensation and sometimes my medium-long distance sight vibrates/moves. I have to refocus for it to go away, sometimes it doesn’t. If i dont sleep well, i feel like crap, not surprise there hehe.


That’s great, hopefully in time the last symptoms will bugger off! Did you have head pressure? My head feels thou it is always full of air.


yup, had that too, that’s how i would describe my headaches.


No way! Can’t believe all these symptoms have eased with venafalaxine! I need to try this drug :grin::pray:t2:


well yes, I think is the med and time, diet, I took magnesium like 5 months, not anymore… and my periods are back to normal after pregnancy. This MAV is all crazy.