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Visual symptoms


Yep, it’s a tricyclic antidepressant. I didn’t tolerate amitriptyline or nortriptyline well.


Oh thanks :slight_smile:


i have had most of those symptoms, but not the snow. but snow vision is a well-documented migraine symptom (not just for vestibular migraine).

it does feel like your brain and your eyes are never going to be right again, but they WILL get better - it just takes time and the right meds. FYI I’m on Gabapentin with pizotifen - both of which have really helped me a lot.


Effexor has improved my visual issues. They come back in force when I’m tired or over my threshold, but on the whole they are much better than they were. I use the visual snow as a gauge to know when to slow down. If the star field starts twinkling, I take a break from whatever I’m doing. It’s an early warning sign that I’m approaching my limits. If my vision starts to be all Easter colored pulsating dots, halos and auras, I’ve gone too far and I’m going to pay for it. When imaginary birds start flying through the edge of my vision, well, I’m already screwed.


I’m taking 600 mgs of gabapentin for “atypical” migraines. I also take Dyazide (a diuretic) because it helps with my Meniere’s. I have had nystagmus off and on the past few months (eyes feeling jumpy when lids are closed is the way I explain it) and a bit of the waviness you talk about.
Vestibular therapy is helping with that, although it will take some time. The therapist says just keep up with the eye exercises. It is just a few sessions to teach you the eye and balance exercises, then you keep doing them at home.


Thanks so much! :slight_smile: I heard snow almost guarantees you have migraine lol! A neuro before dr s said this to me :grimacing::grimacing: also as for business I am lucky I work for myself so I have halved my hours feel lucky I can do this :slight_smile:


Hey @flutters never thought about it that way my snow def goes up and down I am finally starting to know when to listen to my body it’s hard when you have symptoms 247 :grimacing:


That’s true, but it all waxes and wanes. It’s like surfing.