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Vestibular migrane


I will try anything! Although my pressure doesn’t feel like a cold feeling more like blood rushing/electricity feeling if that makes sense? Steaming would be good for my ear thou! If I yawn they both pop’! So annoyinf


If your head and ears were clear you most probably wouldn’t have active MAV and you’d feel alot better. I always find that. Your case souns pretty typical MAV but always worth further investigation if you are unsure. Helen


Very true! Just got to find the magic to fix it! My brother had almost same symptoms as me for 15mths but was diagnosed with labs! He did the vrt


Was the VRT enough to fix his issues?


It did at the time but he still gets dizzy now and again and sinus pressure


That’s not uncommon with labs. Vertigo tends to hang around. Well seems odd. Do you both have labs. Or both have sinus issues. Could be either.


This is the one symptom I wish I never had as its truly the worst one however I remember as a kid I would get it in bursts of 10 seconds I’m busy places so there’s no doubt in my mind it’s always been a part of my mav jus sucks it turned 247 :sob: it is a lot better indoors now so I know it’s easing off very slowly


If it’s any constilation , I’ve had major attacks since being away and today woke up like someone hit me in the back of my head pressure in my ears nose feel nauseas and sensitive to sound !!! Oh and having shivers so hey at least we both have the same symptoms lol tbh @gidlabu said he had the dream feeling outside shimmering heat haze and like he was on some acid trip def read his earlier posts :slight_smile: May make u feel more normal :grimacing:


Thanks Hun! Yeah I’m certain this is mav and not sinus issues etc! Sorry to hear your feeling rough! We are tough cookies to go through all this crap! I’ll take a look at his posts xx


My symptoms have morphed a lot over time. I used to have the haze and dream like state. Have felt detachment and depersonalisation. I remember looking in the mirror for several years and not feeling it was quite me. For a while I used to feel like I wanted to pull my ears off due to pressure, pain and pulsation and ringing. I often get the shivers and heat pulses in little bursts when the MAV is bad. I used to feel the ground was made of marshmallow at the start of my symptoms but not for many years now. I also feel “fizzy” often, sort of hyper but a bit spacey and then bad head pressure later.

Oh the joys!!


I can totally relate to that. I believe depression can bring that on too.


Yes I totally relate. What meds have helped with that for you? I often think well my body has physically been on earth today walking around but my vision and woozy head are that dreamlike it feels like it wasn’t really me! :pensive: