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Vestibular migrane


No vision distortion for me. Though i get blurred vision with my migraines. My vision symptoms are episodic. Thank god they are. They show up when i am tired.


The heavy head = helium head. Your head feels like a balloon, light as if you can lose it right off since it’s so sensitive but heavy.

The “rain” sensation is visual snow. I get that mostly in the dark. If my symptoms are bad I’ll see it in broad daylight.

The hands / feet cold-- also migraine. I use a heated blanket on my feet when the migraine starts to kick up and causes my feet to get really cold.

I’ve noticed with the barometer pressure + weather it’ll effect my migraines a lot. Incoming weather sucks too. I seem to be decent when it’s already raining and if it’s consistent, but anything before or after it sucks.

I wonder if your eyes are light sensitive (florescent, bright LEDs, and the sun) and maybe that’s why the fish eye lens type dream vision indoors / outside? I’ve only had it do that once and it freaked me out. It was as if everything was stretched bigger and pushed further back. That happened when I was a kid and took medicine then.


Thanks for the info @Space_Cadet yes I feel all of those symptoms! The head feeling is the strangest! Kind of feels like my brain is in a helmet if that makes sense. Or like it’s being wrapped in cling film. So hard to describe isn’t it! My head and eyes feel woozy like my heads been rattled back and forth! I feel like giving up on pizotifen but it’s only been 8 weeks! If I could take the feeling away from my head and unpop my ears I would feel a lot less dreamlike :tired_face:


I had a similar experience. Symptoms came on during pregnancy, but lost the baby. I can relate to how you are feeling. This also kicked off my panic disorder again. I am currently trying to heal myself as naturally as possible. I am on 15mg fluoxetine, but will see a psychiatrist and see if I may be able to switch to 5 htp or another antidepressant, as I think the fluoxetine makes my tinnitus, ear pain and dizziness worse. Could be wrong though. Anyway, what I wanted to say is keep fighting to try and stay positive. There are better days ahead and as annoying as this Is, hopefully it is a journey with a happy ending.


The inner ear fullness has been fluxing with my ears for most of this evening from the weather. I try to help the issue by drinking a lot of water.
And yea, I’ve had that. With the weather I can explain it as if my head is a sensitive balloon and any motion I do with my head magnifies the motion sensitive feeling.


Have you considered feverfew and butterbur as i know you don’t want pharma meds. Also warm compress or cold compress works for ear pain/fullness.


I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your baby @PanicBex I can relate as I lost twins last year :persevere: its so disheartening as this was my time now to enjoy my new baby then this happened! I would do anything like I’m sure most of us on here would, just to wake up and have a clear head and everything not to look weird. It kind of feels as if I’ve say been partying till 3am and I’ve woke up really hungover but still drunk and then walked outside. Can you relate?


I neee to up my water intake! Can you relate to the hungover comment that I said to Bec?


Oh my goodness. My sincerest condolences to both of you. I cannot imagine!!


Thank you @turnitaround this is why I feel a little sorry for myself as after a hurrendous year last year I now have this when I should be enjoying my new baby! I know there are a lot of ppl far worse off thou! It’s frustrating as initially docs wanted to put it down to anxiety and loss of the twins. But I was adamant that it was nothing to do with that as I kept saying my ears are blocked, heavy head, drunk vision! It’s only when I saw the second ent he finally had a diagnosis and didn’t just say this is stress!


Yes, it’s definitely not just stress (however, we don’t know for sure if the condition can’t be brought on by stress as cause(s) for many sufferers have yet to be determined). However, “Post-partum MAV” is quite common. Again we don’t know why.

Yes, how awful for you. You need a break!!! Don’t worry, I’m sure we can weigh in here and get you going again! You will feel better!


Thanks so much! Well if so I was 38 weeks pregnant, stress and had bad virus and this kicked off 2.5 wks after virus! In fact my ears have never unblocked since then. Strange thing is ent said they feel blocked but they are not actually blocked when he did pressure testing! How does migrane make you feel like your ears are blocked?


Because whilst the condition is labelled ‘migraine’ it’s quite obviously not as simple as that. It’s a “committee diagnosis” not an aetiology.


What do you mean @turnitaround that although it’s classed as a migrane it has several other factors/symptoms?


I believe that is the case. It’s a complex condition.

Out of interest did your ‘blocked ears’ sensation reflect on a hearing test audiogram?


No the ent said pressure was slightly raised in one ear but no concern! I also said my ears can quiver sometimes like a butterfly flapping its wings type of feeling! He said this is because it’s irritated! The best way I can describe how my head is feeling and my vision is that I’ve been out late drinking a lot and woke up early! So in between hungover and still drunk! I’m sure some ppl can relate to that feeling?


Probably something that will settle in time then :slight_smile:


Have you taken the opportunity to read the Walton Patient Info sheets yet? Migraine is so much more than a simple headache. It’s a neurological condition meaning coming from the brain and the brain’s the body’s boss. Ultimately It controls everything. I don’t think anybody knows why you get full ears/ears pressure for sure. It could be something to do with bloodflow/restriction. I find it’s same sensation as the back of head pressure which @dizzy3 tells me is the headache, only in the ears. @jojo65 gets the same and pulsation too, in her nose and she, like me, you and dizzy3, are what I class as ‘hormonal’ linked MAVers. Don’t worry there’s something else wrong with your ears or your fisheye vision eyes, it’s just all part of the same condition called MAV though whatever is the root cause of MAV, or why ‘migraine’ symptoms exist is a problem the doctors have yet to solve. Helen


Thanks Helen. Yes I can truly relate the pressure in the back of my head feels like a weight pressing down and I am aware of the blood flow pulsing feeling. It’s interesting as when I was pregnant with my first son, hormones triggered off iritis and I was rushed to an eye hospital for treatment! Consultant said he rarely sees it in someone under 60 and I was 26. Hormones do strange things to the body!


Some would say the sensitivity comes from the migraine syndrome but I guess it could essily be the other way around. Who’s to know. Best to just keep on swallowing the pills for now. Helen