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Vertigo while sleeping


Hi Jan
So glad you got to work and coped with it…that is MASSIVE step forwad. Im been doing 4 hrs a day and using taxis rather then 4 buses…its helped me a lot.
Jo x


Putting dishes away after dinner was thinking to email you to see how you got on. Great. Such good news. It will make all the difference if it goes OK. The nearer you can keep to the ordinary world, the better, psychologically. So very pleased for you. Helen


Hi Amy I get the heatwaves in my vision sometimes. Usually when my migraine activity is insane. The brain fog left me years ago. It was one of the first symptoms to go after I initially got VM it took a couple of years but it hasn’t come back since. I know what you mean about the derealization feeling because that is what it felt like. My main symptoms now is the rocking and swaying, vertigo in my sleep, my vision is weird I can’t seem to look at something and it stays still it quivers or vibrates. I can’t sit still cause I always feel like I’m moving. If I could at least get rid of some of these things I would be happy! What are you currently taking for meds?


Lol so basically my migraine is crazy active all the time ! ( get heatwaves daily ) that’s great to hear the fog left so was it there for the whole 2 years ? The rocking and swaying is annoying this was the only symptoms I used to get as a teenager . I used to rock myself to sleep which helped and also put my feet elevated not sure if you’ve tried either but it helped me . Currently I’m on propranolol and dosulepin and waiting to see what dr s says in 2 weeks :slight_smile:


I have migraine activity every day too just different symptoms…lol I would say when I got this 17 years ago the brain fog left after about 3-4 years and hasn’t come back since, I do sometimes experience severe head pressure which is awful. Do you feel like the meds are helping at all? I need something that’s going to take away the dizziness and anxiety because the anxiety alone is awful lately. I am just barely functioning


Woah 3/4 years ? How did you cope the freakish odd feeling is the worst thing for me especially in busy places ! Never knew migraine could be everyday till now lol my episodes in the past were just rocking . I would say dosulepin has helped my anxiety and rockiness so I am sure you can find something helps for sure :slight_smile: just all trial and error


Ya I fought through it as best i could. Some days better than others. I hate everything about this illness. I wish they could find better ways of diagnosing and treating us all with this nonsense. I’m glad to hear it is helping you with the rocking and anxiety. I hope you can find something that will help with the derealization!!!


Thanks @jess21880 I just wish this illness was more recognised ! Thanks maybe meds or time just hope it goes away I would say light exercise has helped my rocking retraining my brain :slight_smile: worth a try


Thank you Helen and Jo @Jojo65
So far so good! Quite tired today though, so I am glad that I am building up gradually. The tiredness might also be the result of looking after the 7 and 5 year old granddaughters for 3 days while my daughter and her husband were at a wedding in Cornwall. They are always on the go and like an early start to the day - bless em. . Luckily my youngest daughter came to stay to lend a hand too… .
Jo - glad that going by taxi has helped - much better than catching 4 buses :taxi:


Saw you went back to work jan well done :slight_smile: so happy ur doing well what dose are you up to now ? Seeing dr s next week thinking pitz is my next shot


Hi Amy
I am taking 3 x 0.5 mg per day but funnily enough was just wondering if I should increase it as Dr S suggested I could up my dose after 4-6 weeks from 25 July if I felt I wasn’t improving - I have just put a call out for advice on this forum as I am not sure whether to increase it or not! I am being a bit dithery about it! I am feeling good but am still having problems with my ears so think I should maybe give the extra pill a go and see what happens. I hope all goes well with Dr S for you next week. Let us know how you get on. x :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jan, you don’t know me I’m jess :slight_smile:
I’m glad your doing better. I was just wondering what problems you was still having with you ears if you don’t mind me asking x


Hello Jess21880. I won’t comment on a lot of what you wrote, but I’ll share my experience about dreaming and vertigo. During every episode I have (which last 2 - 6 weeks) when I am able to fall asleep no matter what I am dreaming about (it can be the most wonderful dream in the world) I almost always have vertigo in the dream. So while I am sleeping I am experiencing vertigo in real life AND in the dream. Basically a double effect and feel much worse when I wake up than I do the few times that I don’t have vertigo in my dreams. I have yet to find a doctor who understands this (and some that don’t even believe it) so I wish I had some advice to help. The only thing I can offer is when you wake up take slow deep breaths (SLOW) and lay there trying not to move. Sometimes for me, that helps the added effect of the vertigo from the dream fade. The other thing is that you aren’t alone with this. I don’t hear about it a lot, but I do hear about it from others from time to time. We often feel things that are occurring externally in our dreams. For example, if you are cold or hot you may be either of those in your dream or if you are in pain. Our dreams are not only influenced by what is happening in our lives, or what we are thinking about before we fall asleep, they are influenced by many external stimuli. One thing that is also common with me is that I have to sleep with the TV on because the ringing in my ears is so loud and annoying I use the TV to “cancel” it out so I can sleep. You would be amazed at how bizarre my dreams can be depending on what is on TV LOL


I have really awful dreams that correlate with the amount of head pressure/ache during the night. I also found slow deep breaths were helpful as I awake to calm myself after the traumatic dreams.



I’ve done that multiple times, and have a friend who had labs and been left with ongoing vertigo/balance problems says the same. However, last night, I went one better, or at least different. Had quite a restless night and the weirest dream where a friend and I were walking around a cathedral town and kept having to run and hide in private terraced houses with everyone else off the street to avoid being accidentally trampled by a huge giant, either elephant or teddy bear. As I was dreaming about running away from this giant I seemed worried about slipping/falling over and shuffled my feet about, as you do to steady yourself in a fall, so abruptly, I woke up with a start knowing my balance which has been brilliant the last three days had gone really off. So, not only can you dream you have vertigo and wake up to find it a reality, obviously it’s possible to dream your balance has regressed and wake up to find it has indeed. Helen


Oh, my, I can’t get past the part about the giant elephant or teddy bear! :slight_smile:


Glad you liked it! Yes, a sort of cartoon Disney caricature type Figure with big eyes and a cute face. So huge all we could see looking out the window was its feet, nails really, like an elephant’s nails more. ‘He’ was not aggressive/savage but just so big he didn’t notice people under his feet! Apparently, though how I ‘know’ this I’ve no idea!, he was made from solid ice that would never melt. Aren’t dreams weird. I’ve had thousands thanks to the Propranolol I guess though I’ve always dreamt daft things anyway. Think perhaps the drug helps me remember them better, I look on it as an added bonus. Usually better than Netflix! Helen