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Venting, having a bad day with VM


I seriously just want to scream as loud as I can how much I hate this illness, then I want to cry. I am doing the latter at the moment. I am now 24 weeks pregnant, high risk due to being diabetic, and woke up with a bad head, thankfully no vertigo, but a dizzy, unsettled feeling in my head. Went to PT yesterday and they told me I have bad posture, weak neck muscles. I feel better when i am sitting absolutely straight at a 90 degree angle. They gave me some exercises to do, i did them and i dont know if they made me worse. I haven’t slept due to having this awful head feeling. And honestly all i think about is how i am going to care for my little daughter. I dont even know if I’ll be able to carry her. My heart hurts so much. 8 months into this and its still so difficult to accept. I wish i was normal. I pray everyday for this to go away. I just want to care for my child.


Hello @SolarVivi we all can certainly attest to that feeling. Venting frustration can be therapeutic. You’re so brave to even consider having a baby! I refrain from getting pregnant because I wonder how I’ll care for mine. It’s a very real concern! Keep doing the exercises and try your best to force yourself into a more positive mindset, since stress seems to be a big trigger around here. The upside is your baby won’t know you have the dizzies, she’ll just know that you love her. I hope you feel better as the day goes on. :two_hearts:


@SolarVivi , I don’t think there’s a person here that doesn’t commiserate with your feelings of despair. It’s an all-consuming feeling that won’t let you think of anything else… I remember it well. I say “I remember” only because I haven’t felt that “today”. I try very hard to literally take one day at a time. Today may not be a good day, but there is hope that tomorrow may be better. We have to have hope! My hope for you is that your tomorrow is better! :sparkling_heart: Are you able to take any medications or supplements while pregnant? As a mother, you will do anything and everything for your little one… you can do this!


@SolarVivi I am so so sorry that you are a fellow sufferer…I can’t imagine how bad it must be trying to cope with this beast of an illness when you are pregnant.
Stay strong, keep fighting, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you.
Sending you a big hug


Hi solarvivi, I so empathise, it’s conpletely understandable that you want to cry, you’re going through a tough time and your body is dealing with pregnancy and MAV. Also understandable that you feel anxious about the future with your baby.
I don’t know your background story, whether you’re on medication etc, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned with MAV is that it’s unpredictable, hormones play a big role as triggers too, you might find that things change for the better once your baby is born.
I developed MAV for the first time 6 weeks post parfum — or maybe it was VN, no way of knowing for sure at the time, it lasted about 3 months then went away (I now have it again, 7.5 months in, 4 years later). I was very dizzy and had a baby to care for. It was tough but it was doable, and if I hadn’t put such high expectations on myself as a new mum, it would have been even easier. In the beginning your baby will just want to feed and be held, and this you can do in bed or on the sofa. You can walk around with your baby holding on to the pram. Make sure you get all the support you can get, you might have to accept you need just a bit more support than other mums.
If you want to know more about my experience with MAv and a newborn feel free to PM me.
You’re going to get through alright and your baby will be fine too, even if it feels so hard right now :slight_smile:


sorry you are having a tough day today, you are goint to get better, once you have baby you can start meds. Or you could even consider a low dose now. I have been dizzy for over a year and I think I am doing a good job with my little one. Sending hugs!


oh! it is good to cry and scream, do it so you feel better!


It’s probably worth sticking with the exercises for a while so that you can tell whether they are helpful or not.

I’m so sorry you are suffering. As others have said, many of us have felt despairing about this horrible illness. And, yes, crying is a fair enough response.


Thank you for the kind words. You are right she’ll just know that mommy loves her so much. I feel a bit better today, but i think i realized that i felt horrible yesterday because i am starting a cold, my second one this year sighs its so hard to navigate this illness.


Thank you for the words of encouragement. Fortunately today i feel better, but i started a cold, which i think is why i felt so bad yesterday. I am only taking supplements and doing diet, i opted for no meds until after baby is born. I’m a third of the way there.


Thank you so much for the lovely words and advice. I am so sorry you had to deal with this with a new baby too. I am hoping my mother in law can help me for a bit, until i can get a grip on things, i am a first time mom too, plus VM, its just scary. Yes, i will be PMing you soon as the whole thing scares me, especially showering and carrying baby. Thank you so much for offering your experience.


Thank you for the nice words. Yes i hope to start meds as soon as i can after baby is here. I am positive you are doing a great job and your little one is lucky to have you as his/her mom. :blush:


Yes i plan on doing them, hopefully they help in the long run. Crying did and does help. This illness just gets to be too much sometimes. Hopefully we can all find some relief soon.