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Venlafaxine (Effexor) we go!!!!


I totally agree with you @lsengara I have no assumptions il see big changes in the next month hence why I didn’t want to wait to go away. Just hope I can get some relief from the rocking sensation as this is my worst symptom! I agree with you about stress making things much much worse the issues is sometimes tho you don’t even realise your doing it !

I’m so happy Effexor is helping I hope to see some more progress with pitz and see how I go :slight_smile:


Thanks so much @gidlabu this has made me feel a lot better


I totally agree I’m not due to see him until December but will definitely be asking his thoughts he said 4/6 weeks to see progress but never said how much . I feel I’ve made some but it definatley isn’t huge progress … it’s very hard to know what is right or wrong with meds


Hi Jojo,
I started taking Venlafaxine in early 2017. It took about 6 months for me to feel 100%. The vertigo went away almost immediately, but I was left with times when I just didn’t feel good. I have been mav free since then except for 1 break through MAV this past August for 2 days. I personally consider Venlafaxine my miracle drug. (37.5) I have never seen a neurologist. My gp prescribed it based on my suggestion after showing her an article I read that described me to a T. I feel like I am one of the fortunate ones. I also still get regular migraines occasionally that I take Imitrex for, but they usually aren’t that bad. I wish you the best of luck! Sue in South Bend


Ahh thank you so much Sue. I was just about to put an update on…you must have read my mind!!
Can i just say…i am doing great on Venlafaxine my visual vertigo has improved A LOT!!! ( Amy this may benefit you) ive just increased to 37.5mg from half a tablet. I feel this is too good to be true!!! Like you Sue i noticed an improvement immeadiately. I can walk around and NOT be dizzy outside!!! What a relief.
Please god let this continue to improve. I feel at least 50% better after 17days

Jo xxx


It’s not too good to be true Jo, you absolutely deserve this break thru. I’m delighted for you, you will see continued improvement on this dose, sit on it for about 6-7 weeks and see how you do. Delighted for you x


Hi sue, I’m a fellow venlafaxine fan too and on meds since April. Are you still on the tablet and did you have to increase at all. Thanks for your update BTW, always great to read of success.


Ahh thanks…i know when i started this drug i got a lot of support and how to handle it…low and slow. Apart from tummy issues ive had no other side effects. Maybe a few viviid dreams. I darnt jinx how i feel but i can say so far so good

Hope your doing well too xx
Jo x


jo! this is so great to hear! ill be 6 months on effexor next week and although still rocking when sitting still and sometimes when standing, i am pretty functional. There isnt really anything i avoid right now, only the food of course (wine, chocolate, etc). Keep it up effexor fans!


Thanks so much for the support…i cant even remember how it feels to be 50%…but i do now…and love it!:smile: i will keep on 37.5mg and fingers crossed improve further…
Jo x


Well that’s amazing. I knew it. You’ve been too quiet. I thought only this morning ‘she’s better. Feeling great, she’s just toddled off into the sunset and forgot us!’

All joking aside so very pleased for you Jo but don’t you find it just a bit frustrating you never got to trial Effexor sooner. I think you were given everything but from what I remember. Wonder if you can get your bright young neurologist to write your case up as a paper or something and ‘spread the word’. Then you’d know all your 4 years’ suffering wasn’t in vain. Might help others in the future. Nowhere’s very clued up, apart from Chicago maybe, but UK really does lag behind with MAV. Then there’s @gandkr’s request for stories for her film maybe but that’s UK based of course. Helen

@Amylouise. Dr Hain certainly mentions Effexor specifically for several things on his site, one of which was visual issues. I haven’t noticed its use in connection with Dr S. He seems to go conservative with the longer drugs Ami, Nori, etc, No doubt he has a reason. Be nice to know it. Effexor does seem to be helling alot of sufferers. One wonders what it’s got the rest haven’t. How it does it. Still I suppose next best thing to a ‘cure’ would be the general knowledge that one specific drug maybe could control 75% of people’s symptoms or similar. Might help alot of people. Maybe it will come. Helen


Thanks Helen…i would NEVER swan off into the sunset and leave my buddies behind!!! I didnt want to tempt fate and post anything but felt i had to. Im certainly seeing a difference Helen, even at work. And the Botox is STILL doing its thing ive never had a headache for weeks. I hope in 6 months time on Venlafaxine i can post 80-90% better…thats my goal
Jo xx


So, it’s back to the four buses, eh. And will you be putting up your tent in Tesco.
Are you back to work yet? All the very best. Helen


I have been on the same 37.5 mg capsule the whole time. I have read on this blog that increasing the dose passed 37.5 doesn’t help.


Im not doing buses…taxis for the forseeable and reduced hours…i may increase my tesco visits to 5 times a week instead of 3😁
Seriously tho…out of all the drugs ive tried this one is helping me the most…i pray it will continue
Jo x


Cannot see any reason why it would stop. Don’t let it spoil your new found enjoyment if life. Helen


Thanks sue, I’m 10days on 75mg and will stay on it for a couple of months before I go any higher , it immediately gave me back additionally functionality esp with my steadiness and balance and I even got a couple of crystal clear days so was worth the jump up. Really hoping this dose keeps on giving rather than go up. Time will tell I guess. Glad you’re doing well.


Keep it up!!! You are doing fantastic!!
Jo x


Jo, one quick question. How dizzy were you before the Effexor? Were you 24/7 constant dizziness or was it more unsteadiness which would escalate into dizziness on exposure to Tescos/computer screens, 4 buses etc, and then eventually still stop on its own? Helen


you all know I am on 150 and it is working well. I think we are all different, but again, if med is working don’t be afraid of going higher. I am glad people got relief at lower dosages, that was my hope, but oh well, I am happy where I am now!