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Venlafaxine (Effexor) we go!!!!


Ok Guys
I have my 37.5mg of Venlafaxine on the table ready to take. Its in tablet form so i can cut it.
Any advice for a very med sensitive person how much to start up with?
Any advice please


Well done, you passed the BP test then. Half? Quarter? Cannot get much smaller surely. Shut the door or the wind’ll blow it away. Helen


My advice based on two days on Effexor XR: if you are med-sensitive, try a quarter.

I’m not feeling great here on day 3 at 18.75mg, though my system is also dealing with the drop in nortriptyline from 50 to 25mg. Day 1 and early day 2 felt great though! (Maybe because I still had the higher nort dose in my bloodstream.) Crashed yesterday afternoon, just in time for hosting mother-in-law for Thanksgiving dinner, och.


Thank you…quarter it is then
Just taken it…im not scared!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Jo x


Yes my BP was 128/70. So green light.
Ive just taken my 1st quarter…hope i dont turn into a werewolf😂
Ive been terrible today…my ears are going beserk
Jo x


Well, that’s something we don’t share! Wanna swop BP? Oh, go on, course you do.


Best thing is probably not to get too anxious. Anxiety might totally mess up a med trial and you could end up dumping something that might have helped you. Tough ask though, appreciated.


Oh, Jo’s not an Anxious Annie, she’s a Jolly Jo. That won’t happen. She’ll just get into a Savage Sally if it don’t work and Him Indoors will be treading eggshells again. She’s just like me. Well, aside from the BP that is. Helen


Oh dear. Rather a lack of planning on the domestic front there if I may make so bold. My niece who lives in Toronto managed to drag her Mum all the way from the UK to cook Her Thankgiving Dinner, and she’s not trialling a new MAV drug even! Helen


I started a med trial on vacation once. Bad idea.


Wishing you well. And as others quite wisely say, no upside in worrying too much. My view is that I made the decision to try this drug so I’m in it for a while good or bad. Worst that can happen? I’ll feel worse, and ultimately have to make another change. Don’t want that obviously, but nor was I satisfied with my results before. I don’t think it’s unreasonable or greedy to want to feel normal or close to it again. That said, I don’t have f/t job or kids to look after at the moment: much respect for those who bravely change drug regimes under more demanding circs. Or under any circumstances.


To be fair, my spouse cooked nearly everything and held up the dinner conversation 100%, as I kind of hung on to the table googly-eyed. He is good that way. I washed all the dishes after, though.


Ah, a condition I know only too well. Hope the drug sorts it for you.


Thanks so much…ive informed my manager im starting a new med so if theres days im " off" she’ll have to to understand. I did promise Helen i would give work ( and tesco) a wide berth…i see how i go.
Fingers crossed
Jo x


That’s my girl.

Trigger Avoidance is most effective, non pharmaceutical preventative strategy. Just seems daft to calm the hypersensitivity with drugs on the one hand and wave red rag to the bull with the other. I’m not bossy really. Helen


Best of luck Jo, don’t think too much about it now, it’s done and it will help. Quarter is perfect start, if you find it keeps you awake tonight, take it tomorrow morning and if have extra dreams, that’s OK, it’s like going to the movies every night keep us posted. Went up another quarter today so now on 64.5mg, god knows how mad my dreams will be. :joy:
Anyway, well done on taking it a big day for you x


Thank you so much…wow i admire you getting up to 64.5mg…well done.
Im gonna give it my best shot. Im even more determined as i feel rotton today…
Jo x


My advice would be, keep as detailed a record of any changes as possible. I did Effexor first among the drugs I’ve tried. It killed my libido, and I believe it also made me more emotionally “flat”. And while it worked in the first few months the positive effects seemed to decrease over time. When I weaned off it (slowly!) I had withdrawal symptoms, primarily brain zaps, for 2 months. And I’m NOT drug sensitive, generally. Suffice it to say, I really dislike Effexor, although it’s great for some. Ami worked better with fewer side effects, for me, and I’m experiencing even fewer side effects having just switched to nortriptyline.


Hi Chris
Thanks for the advice…i couldnt tolerate Nort at all it made me much dizzier…never had Ami. You say the Effexor did have some positives for you…can i ask what it heloed with and what mg?
Jo x


Hi do u mind telling what you are using effexor for please? What is it helping with? I suffer with right sided inner ear problem tinitus dizzy problems and seeking a new med now as pregabalin is doing noot much for me now