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Venlafaxine (Effexor) we go!!!!


Can i ask what mg you take now?
Jo x


37.5 mg.


Shoot. Mom shuttle duty again. Take care JoJo and Helen. And you, too James and Erik. :slight_smile:

P.S. My name is Jo, too, specifically Emily Jo.


Hi Jo, great you got the nod to proceed, I’m now working my way up slowly to 75mg. I got venlaflaxine teva so I could quarter it so started with 9mg. In sept I had 50% reduction in pain, best month in two years, I’m still wobbly but its improving, pushing up to 75mg to see can I get 50% improvement with this, neuro wants me to go higher but one day at a time.
My side effects were extra headaches, upset tum and bowel and increase in most symptons but all passed. At 9mg all good, at 18mg after two weeks came the side effects. As I’m moving up now, its easier too. Take your time, at one stage I stayed on a dose for 7 weeks to let my body settle. I remain very optimistic about it and i think its a good one. A secondary benefit has been the positive effect on my anxiety levels overall, feeling much better in my self.
I take it first thing with brekkie to avoid insomnia. I find overall my energy levels better too. Best of luck tomorrow, this could be the start of a positive change for you. Reach out if you’ve any questions when tirating up, always an anxious time. Nin x


Hi Elaine…thank you so much for the advice. I soooo hope i get the tablet form like yourself and can cut it. So i take it 37.5mg is the lowest dose? What symptoms would you say its helped the most with? So glad your are responding…im going to try my hardest to get used to it…
Jo x


You can get the capsule form at the lowest dose, 37.5 mg, and then break it open and count beads. I started that way. Vigs still does this (@GetBetter). I’m too impatient. I just swallow the whole thing. Though I did take several weeks to titrate up. If I go up to 50 mg, you can bet dollars to donuts I’ll do the same thing and just gut out the side effects for 2-3 weeks.


I will defintely be counting beads Emily…its the only way i stand half a chance tolerating it. I went straight in at 30mg of Duloxetine and it knocked me for six!!
Jo x


It is indeed the lowest dose, I got a pill cutter to cut it. It was a friend who told me about this version, the neuro would have given me the capsules automatically. Pain has been greatly reduced and the sensation that I’m on a boat when walking, also huge reduction in dizzy spells and light headiness. Light sensitivity better apart from when I tirate up, it tends to flare up a little. I still feel like I’m walking on a boat at times so by going up I’m hoping to improve further. Also the ear fullness and ringing has more or less gone, during PMS recently, heard bit of low level ringing but I’ll live with it.
When you start it, tummy might hurt for a while but it will pass, I now take a probiotic daily around lunch time to mind the gut.
Keep us posted x

PS ask pharmacist for teva version if prescription is for capsules or get neuro to write it up. My neuro had to read his pharmacy book.


Thank you Elaine for that solid advice…i will certainly be using it. I let you know what form of tablets they give me
Jo x


effexor is a good drug. I am mega sensitive and i am @ 2/3rd of 37.5. My Side effects have been excessive sweating, weight gain and waking up frequently during night sleep. I also get vivid dreams but i am not going to complain ( I can become a script writer in hollywood with some of my graphic dreams !). Hope effexor/venlaflaxine is your MAV silver bullet.


Ahh thanks so much…i may need your help to guide me getting started on it. I get my prescription on monday my GP wants to take my BP first for some reason. What mg did you start on and for how long? Has it helped most of your symptoms? So glad your doing well


I went super slow. My manufacturer was Teva and they have ~38 beads. I started at 1/4 and kept bumping up one bead at a time. Initially i had an headache but that wore off in 2 weeks. I am far from being normal but alright enough to trundle- along with bumps and relapses.


Effexor can play with your blood pressure. Your GP is taking a baseline. Mine went down, which was a good thing.


I also will be doing super slow…ive treat myself to a pill cutter just incase i get the tablet form…im pinning all my hopes on this med Vigs
Jo x


Hi Emily
So does this med cause BP to go high? I think mine is mostly spot on
Jo x


Yes, all antidepressants, including Effexor can increase your blood pressure. Mine didn’t change, if anything it went down.


hey, i started right away onn37.5 and now I am on 150mg. My dreams were very scary at the beginning, now they are like going to the movies. I am much better in all senses. I was yesterday all day like a normal human being touristing a big city, public transit and baby with m. Of course I am not great today, rocking a little more than I have the last days, but it was worth the fun from yesterday.
Not sure if the pill form is extended release. I have not gained weight, but I am craving sweet things more often. Good luck!


Thank you sooooo much. I couldnt care less if Freddie Kruger pays me a visit in my dreams it’ll be worth it to have a tiny bit of normality!!:rofl:
Keep the good work up!
Jo x


I had some very vivid nightmares with Ami too. Popular side effect! Never met Freddie though :sweat_smile:


XR are capsules containing the little beads that aids the system that makes them XR. I don’t think pills come XR.