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Venlafaxine (Effexor) we go!!!!


Yes you can. But not right away. Slowly find triggers and avoid them. Find a med and work up your threshold. Very slowly start the sport. By no means give up on exercise. Exercise is a god send for this condition.


Thanks. That’s great to hear. I was worried how I was going to make a living.


hi @Patrick, I have been on venlafaxine since May at 150mg. A lot of my symptoms have improved. I have not been very active mainly due to lack of time, but I was running and swiming back in the summer without problems. Good luck!


I think an increase of Venlafaxine is on the cards for me. Its helping but im still only on 37.5mg since September and about 70% better…less than that first thing on a morning but ive improved outdoors. Im may give my GP a ring.


i think it is worth the try, it has definitively helped me at 150 mg. You might need just a tiny increase. Good luck!


Hi Jo, I think it’s really worth trying, tbh I spent from April slowly working my way up, when I got to 75mg, I had major improvement and found the transition up much easier. This dose with your botox and med could close the gap for you. In December I had 21 days pain free… Something I’ve not experienced in over 2 years. Glad to hear you are doing well even on 37.5mg, I think this med can give you more. Good luck xx


I think you are right…just bumping up to 75mg could get me to where i want to be. Isnt it great when you have a good stretch of pain free days? I had NO headaches at all in Oct 2018 since having Botox and Venlafaxine added in the September and none so far in Feb even though i have had flu and chest infection. I hug my neuro everytime shes finished doing my 31 injections then hands a prescrription over for Venlafaxine…they have saved my sanity
Jo x


It’s the best feeling for sure, I just have to manage my enthusiasm, found my vest symptoms peaked a little in Dec as a result, I felt so great with such little pain it was like my brain wanted to remind me that mav is still hanging around. :wink:. Sure keep us posted if you move up, fingers crossed for you x


Thanks Elaine…keep well🤞