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Valproate reopens critical-period learning of absolute pitch


Thought this was fascinating.


The very next time I meet a mouse who’s learning to play a stringed instrument I’ll point it out to him/her!

In all seriousness. Yes. Fascinating. Got me wondering whether my inability to sing in tune and my MAV are connected. A braver body than me might be able to establish that if I took up the offer to take Sodium Valproate which so far I’ve always declined. The migraine specialist consultant uses it as first choice for MAV, the neuro-otologist listed it amongst his choices in letter to my GP, and even my GP wanted me to try it. Not come across anybody on here who’s ever taken it successfully yet alone experienced success with it as yet so I continue to avoid it. Helen

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Sorry, I know this is a bit ‘off-MAV’ but I found this absolutely fascinating. Of course it does have relevance to ‘compensation’.

Check out this guy’s kid and what the boy is able to do (!!):

(this is where I found the reference for the above paper)


File it under ‘Distraction Therapy’ and you are back on track. Good psychologically distraction. Helen

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