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Valium and Xanax


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This is an old thread, but I have been searching for this kind of feedback; for me? Valium needed for the spins. Definitely. Xanax for the anxiety that won’t go away with deep breathing or relaxation techniques.

Whenever I change a med, I get waaaaayyyyy more anxiety.

My valium dose is usually 2.5 mg, xanax start at .25 mg and then another .25 in an hour if it’s a really bad attack. I think those are pretty low doses.

I realize they are addictive drugs but I have to live my life somehow :smiley:

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I agree, if anyone had to deal with true violent spinning vertigo, I think after a few minutes, they would take anything in order to make it stop. I hate taking medications that are addictive, or could be addictive, but if I didn’t have the Valium for the more severe vertigo attacks, I would be in the ER. I get so bad I can’t eat, drink, or take my meds (heart meds that I have to take) for days. I take 5 mg. and it helps most of the time. I take it only once or twice a month though usually, sometimes less.


Much prefer valium over xanax…It took the dizziness away within 2-3 days. Take 10mg and chill out. Such a relaxing feeling and doesn’t get me as derpy as xanax. For me no other benzo I have done compares to the relaxation and euphoria of valium. The benzo chart is only accurate on a chemical level, all benzos affect people differently. Some prefer other benzos. In my experience 10mg valium is way more than xanax.



I have had pretty bad MAV for the last year and a half but I felt my best…nearly a dizzy free day after taking a Xanax. I had attributed that successful “day” to following the strictest diet possible but maybe the Xanax helped in some regard. Unfortunately, my diet regressed a little and still struggling with it.