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Hi all,
I hope everyone is doing ok today. I want to give an update on how I am doing.
I started effexor 75 mg on may 5th (pretty quick titration, five days only due to major anxiety), and i did not have any side effects. This was after being on zoloft 25 mg for 5 weeks and feeling mega anxious and no relief on symptoms.
I think the main help from effexor has been my anxiety. After that, my rocking in the morning is almost on the background (it then starts around mid day). I am also only taking 400 magnesium glycinate at night. Some nights i sleep ok (not great, i think since starting zoloft my sleep is very interrupted), but sometimes i wake up a couple of times at night.
In the midst, i was also diagnoses with vertical heterophoria and given prism glasses but could not wear them more than two weeks, I could not walk comfortably, although I still think I need to do something with my eyes, sometimes i feel great and sometimes I cant focus. I have not given up on the prisms but kept wondering if I should first take care of the MAV. Why am I sure this is MAV and not my eyes? Because symptoms coincided with the return of my period after pregnancy.
Anyway, so that is about 9 weeks on effexor, if I have a good night sleep I can feel 75% better. If i have a crappy sleep, i feel at 40%.

Ok so question for you dear all, how long more to see if effexor is going to help to get to 90% lets say? I have been travelling so back home tomorrow anf will start the migraine diet next week.
i wont stop effexor soon because of my anxiety, but want to see if it will help at this dose more with MAV?
My main symtoms are rocking, headaches/ migraine headache, some tinnitus and sometimes ear pain, and head pressure.
I have used rizatriptan and advil a couple of times in the last month also when got bad migraine headache.

ok, thanks for reading