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hi all, hope your all still fighting strong, I AM :slight_smile: well I thought I would let you know ive been functioning roughly at about 85% of my old self and im 11 weeks into this relapse ive upped my nort to 60mg and im on 120mg of propranolol and it seems to be working, I went out sat night and drank silly amounts of wine and was doing greek dancing with flashing lights etc, I had a two day hangover but hey ho I always get hangovers so im used to them haha, ive had no chocolate over the easter period though so im abit upset about that, every week I seem to be making slight improvements so im hoping to be 95% well for my holiday to Benidorm,please keep fighting through peeps you will get better and enjoy the good times ( stuff the bad times haha) big hugs melissa


keep fighting it mel…you will get there…



thanks paul how you functioning these days?


That’s great! Keep it up!

I’ve been really conservative with my Ami so far. Maybe I should try going up …


I think you should try james go slow though!


Hi mel…im not too bad - i still get the odd blurry moment and odd head pain - but not quite as bad as you guys get it. Ive always had more sleep problems with it which now has settled with the propranalol - and the odd vertigo moment which has also ceased. Im tired most of the time with the extra brain activity but generally am operating around 90-95 per cent of normal so thank my lucky stars tbh x


That sounds very good Paul, keep it up!


that’s fantastic paul, keep plodding! I swear I can make myself dizzy and the rocking motion if I think about it too much which seems to be ok at the min but as soon as my anxiety kicks in I get the rocking feeling and little head spins and twitches, its crazy!


i really feel bad today :sweat: my rocking and vision is completely shit today I thought I was getting better obviously not, I hate this bastard illness!!


Hi mel. hope you get better soon. I had a slight twinge of vertigo sleep shock and a slight feeling of vertigo last night…today im ok…seems different days/times/weather/body conditions can bring this illness to a head and then make it lessen…just hope that it goes away soon…paul


Ugh. Booooring!! Poor you! Hang in there, sun will come out again!


I don’t remember it getting worse last time it was real bad from beginning then I very very slowly got better I real don’t ever remember feeling worse after feeling abit better, this is shit,thanks paul :slight_smile:


I hope so james!!


Ive thought of a trigger which james hinted at on a post…i havent mentioned anything on here but my best friend died a week last tuesday…this week has been stressful meeting his family and talking to the humanist…it could be the stress of this which is lessening the propranalol effects…


Second time I got worse for about 7 months then slowly I’ve improved with some nasty relapses along the way … but admit I’m nowhere near back to normal yet.


Paul, I happen to believe that the ear fills with fluid as you get stressed. If the ear is poorly anyway and above normal pressure this will just exacerbate things and delay it getting back to normal. Unfortunately there is some stress that is hard to avoid. Avoid as much of it as possible … that should help!

So sorry about your friend once more … my sincere condolences …


Thanks james its been a sad couple of weeks…his funeral is next thursday…