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Update on me


Steady on, I gasp! It does kinda help if one can keep breathing I’ve always found. Used to have a physio who was always saying ‘remember to keep breathing’. I would concentrate so hard, I’d forget but that was years pre-MAV. Helen


This gene test takes into account your dna and how you react to meds, as well as how your liver metabolizes them. There were 5 meds on that test that I had tried previously years before and they all failed for me…one of them even landed me in the ER. These drugs were all listed in the “use extreme caution” area of the test and the one that landed me in the ER said don’t use. This test also made me aware that I carry a gene that makes me more suspectible to pulmonary embolisms, which also runs in my family, so I need to be careful about blood clots. This test also showed I shouldn’t be taking estradiol estrogen which is in most birth control pills. It can increase my risk greatly of clots. I tried BC pills before for a health issue and I was getting irregular heartbeats, palpitations and lightheadedness, so to me this test is pretty accurate. I know others who have taken this test and have had good results for their MAV on other boards I am on. It’s not some snake oil nor are they pushing anything natural that is supposed to be a cure all. For me, I am happy that I paid for the test. I have had this illness for 17 years now going on 18 years which is a lot longer than most people. I am also not telling people they should go out and have the test done. For me it was the right thing to do. So far I have increased my propanolol this week and my dizziness has lessened. It may take 6 months till I feel better completely, but in the grand scheme of things if I didn’t have the test I may have trialed meds for another 6 months that might not have worked for me anyways.


Thanks Jess, good explanation!

Just so I’m clear, it’s not a ‘MAV specific’ test, but gives you guidance on general contradictions?

All very interesting in any case! Good luck with this one!


Hi Jess

Thanks for the further details on this.

@turnitaround, the one I refeered to covered 12 specific genes and 55 drugs and related solely to treatment of depression. I’ve not checked what/if any is available UK.

Are u UK based? Glad it’s worked for you and showing good signs of accuracy. It would be good if everyone could have such a thing as routine once they prove med sensitive at least but cost will preclude it I suspect in UK. I couldn’t even get full quota of my Propranolol last month, pharmacy didn’t have enough and today I’ve been given a different brand which may not be able to take because some brands have different outer coatings some of which I react to and give severe GERD symptoms. Now, how would a gene tests find that I wonder. Would it? Could it? I can take the drug but not something in the coating. Um.
I know I’d pay in your situation too but many cannot afford to. Guess, going forward gene therapy is what everybody will exp. eventually. It’s starred already with cancer treatment I understand. Helen


Hi Helen no I am in the US. The test doesn’t indicate anything about who manufactures the meds it just states the types of drugs. I would guess you would have to be tested for sensitivities to food or certain ingredients and also know what each manufacturer uses in the capsules. Yes they are using gene therapy to tailor cancer treatments to individuals. My grandfather just went through chemo and they tailored his treatments based on a gene/drug test and he barely got sick from his treatments. The tumor also shrunk significantly so this is definitely the future of medicine.


Hi James no it is not a MAV specific test. Psychiatrists originally used it to help patients with depression find a med that will work for them, after they failed a few different ones, but now it is becoming more mainstream and regular GP’s are now using it in some offices. The test I took didn’t just tell me what anti depressants/anti anxiety meds I could take or stay away from, but it also told me what chemo drugs I could take if I ever had to. It also showed neurology meds, anticonvulsants, cardiovascular ones, anticoagulants, etc. it was very informative


Good luck I really hope you find something that works for you! If you decide to take it let me know how it goes :smile:


Will do. Thank you again.


Helen you are amazing ! Thank you so much hopefully I don’t need to do this but if I have anymore bad reactions. It must be worth giving it a go ! This is such useful info thank you :slight_smile: