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Update from my ENT appt today


He asked the questions in such a particular way - headache first and if I started bringing in ear symptoms he wud say no we are still on head so stick with that and we will get to ears in a minute. Like he had a number of headings in columns and wanted to put the relevant symptoms in each column so at the end of the questions he could look down to his notes and SEE the whole picture. He obviously was looking for red flags in each area in order to give a conclusion.


Yes, mine was very similar. It’s four years since so I don’t remember exact questions but he was very specific. ‘Exactly how old were you then? Exactly how long was that?’, and particularly with the dizziness. He eventually established I had three different types, obviously significant to him, he wrote it up. Yes. Some specialists are very smart. In fact afterwards my SO summed it up nicely ‘Well, he ruled out the condition you went about, and as an aside, diagnosed a completely different one all in the space of 45 minutes which is more than any of the others did in 12 years!’. Helen


It feels like it’s still healing. My doctor does not think surgery is likely to be necessary. It could be that the pressure in the inner ear is prolonging the inflammation. Only time will fix that. Surgery can’t.