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Update for the last year: ear clicking, left ear pain - can't nail down reasons


Thanks Vigs.

That test they describe towards the end is very interesting.

I had a pressure test on my ear drums … I wonder if that shows up dysfunction in this area?

It certainly seems health of this area of the anatomy is surprisingly important for stuff to work properly …

… I wonder if ‘gunk’ can temporarily change the good functioning of this area.

I’ve had “Autophony” symptoms when my tubes been ‘full’ … should imagine I’m not alone in that … it’s very disconcerting and annoying … thankfully happened to me badly only a couple of times.


I hear a robotized version of my voice sometimes in my bad ear…not sure if that counts as Autophony

They did a variant of pressure test when they pump air forcefully into ear and watch for nystagmus using fresnel googles for PLF…this is different than the mechanized pressure tests audiologists do.


Yeah, I just had the pressure feedback test, no eye correlation. Came out healthy … as so many of them frustratingly do … (but probably should be grateful! lol)


both of them checked out OK for me too :slight_smile:


So we’re not dying then? Good!


Reminded me of this quote " As long as you are breathing, there is more that’s right with you than what’s wrong" !


aha! I believe that guy’s book is linked in the product page (mindfulness) … that guy’s voice is fantastic!

Must say I wasn’t entirely convinced at the time I was trying it out! :wink:


John Kabat Zinn ? Such a soothing voice.

The most important thing MAV taught me was mindfulness ! When anxiety pulls me down like a pile of rocks, i disconnect and start grounding in the present moment,


yes him :slight_smile:


I thought I was already good at mindfullness before all this started, but no, MAV showed me I had a lot more to work on…


Somebody recommended him last night to me, and I feel asleep so peacefully while listening to him.

You know what happens to me as well? When I type really fast at the computer, I get like an electrical shock feeling in my ears… and it makes me dizzy! I feel like I am doomed!


I get autophony for a couple of secondss in my bad ear also,… usually happens in the morning after I’ve had my coffee.


Similar to like I was every morning for like two and half years, only it would happen the moment I got up - a sort of muffling of the bad ear for a couple of seconds. Now its just a drip drip some mornings.

The longer incidents I referred to above lasted for up to 24 hours.