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Update for the last year: ear clicking, left ear pain - can't nail down reasons


I am 1.2 years away from it. But the thing is I didn’t have any trauma like you… I was listening to meditations with cheap headphones and even falling asleep with them and a part of me thinks there is an anxiety component to the reduced sound threshold. Because I get very aggravated with loud noises… but I don’t have hyperacusis. It’s weird.


OK so 1.2 years in I had broken speaker-dom in full song! :smiley:

Are you absolutely sure you didn’t have any trauma? a cold might do it - sneezing might cause barotrauma?

Otitis media can do it, but you had that checked out? (another board member got it from this)

Anyway, your symptoms seem very close to my experience and I’m just presenting another view … your mileage may very …

But you should be hopeful this will simply get better over the long term! :slight_smile:


I really hope so! I had a cold yes, and that seemed to shake things up even with the BPPV or the headphones could have done since I was literally falling asleep with them on. As far as my left ear, I only slept on my left side because I had a toddler in the bed and maybe, having the cold put extra pressure on left ear causing this problem?

Who knows. What I did have was STRESS! Always yelling at my kids in the morning, new born and really bad nerves! So I can see how this could also be stressed-induced even the sound reflex. The audiologist said although my hearing is totally norming, I did have a slight dip in my left ear at 3000hz suggesting loud sounds may have caused some damage.


Don’t even think about damage for a second.

Think about fluid pressure which ebs away over time as the normal processes gently turn things back to normality.

A nurse I met at my GP (local doctors practice) said a very helpful thing to me (yet she was embarassed to have told me because she didn’t want to upset me) … she said:

“Oh ears, they take ages to heal”

Which might be interpreted negatively, but all you need to focus on is the last bit. They heal. End of.

Just be patient with it and allow yourself to be annoyed but know it gets better.


I totally agree with you. Intuitively, I feel it was the cold I had which was the worst upper respiratory cold I ever had in my life. It last 2.5 months of blowing my nose and coughing. At one point, I thought it would never go away.

I bet it was just too much for my ears. About 2 months later all of my symptoms started. I would get dizzy spells which later I learned was from the BPPV. Even after the BPPV was fixed (and I self-treated it) so I believe I didn’t get all the crystals out… which actually could be the reason Hain saw some slight nystagmus doing the dix hallpike - I still had BPPV type episodes but no clear cut BPPV… so I think either my brain learned new dizzy pathways or I had some crystals in there. That was the right ear by the way - my problems are all in my left ear though. Like today, woke up with a migraine and had the ear pain through the day. It had to rain so I felt lots of pressure in the air, as soon as it rained, it seems my ear pain has died down. Can also happen with foods… I have no idea. They tell me it’s not hydrops… 2 audiologists who carried out balance testing said Ihad no signs of hydrops…


I’ll tell you why they might say that:

It’s because there is this perception with a lot of ‘experts’ that hydrops = Menieres … which is simply incorrect.

There is a condition called Secondary Hydrops, which I’m referring to. I’m not for a second suggesting you have Menieres disease which is completely different and not ‘constant’.

Oddly Dr. Hain doesn’t even have a section on it, which I’ve always felt very odd because he’s a stickler for completeness. I even emailed him about this and he didn’t reply.

I believe strongly that they haven’t completed the book on ear trouble yet. There is still so much that is not nailed down, hence all the differences of opinion.


I totally agree with you. I don’t have Eusthacian Tube Dysfunction because they tested me for that over and over again. And that’s the primary reason for a retracted ear drum. I’m just wondering how the inner ear can cause a retracted ear drum because it seems that comes from the middle ear space and I can feel post nasal drip and a “rice krispies” sound in my nose.

I’ve earned TMJ can also cause this…


Now that’s an intellectual can of worms too!

I get crackling on occasion - the rice krispies … i think this is simply dried fluid from your inner ear (having been released to control pressure) breaking up like dried old tears. It’s totally benign and nothing to worry about imho … just part of the spectrum of silly symptoms. I’m pretty certain this is coming from my eustachian tube … which makes sense because that’s where it would go. That’s why its so close to your jaw joint but its not your jaw joint … I can massage my neck and make it squish … which proves to me its in my tube going down to my throat.

the only thing I suggest you do is get your ear drum looked at every 6 months to make sure there are no signs of otitis media and perhaps see if its recovering its position?


At the same time, I did do something to my neck abusing my time at the computer because I get bad neck pain that comes from the left side and my symptoms didn’t immediately follow my cold…

I have read the neck can affect the ear specifically C2


Out of interest what was Dr. Hain’s prognosis for you … what did he say would likely happen and what was best that you did?


Dr. Hain said I was suffering from a few very mild problems but together, causing the perfect storm. One was mild migraines, two was a mild imbalance from the BPPV I had which he suggested I take up exercising and vestibular rehab like ping pong, he also suggested some physio for my neck and better posture at computer… he said for middle ear try decongestants and netti pot. He also mentioned serous otitis can cause vertigo.


Sounds about right … I’d make sure you get checked up regularly for the next couple of years and see how you go. Find the right meds to control the migraines and any brain fog and make sure you get lots of light exercise.

Ping pong sounds like a great idea … :slight_smile: … just try not to exacerbate things by bobbing the head around too much


I will definitely do that. Have you heard of tensor tympani syndrome? That’s apparently what they’ve said I have and it goes a long with anxiety and apprehension to sounds.


Why would your muscle go wrong? Why that ear? You are perfectly healthy otherwise, right?

I think once you upset the fluids in the inner ear a lot of control mechanisms go out of whack and take an age to return to normal. If any of those control mechanisms relied on concentrations of protein, pressure, resonant frequency etc. they are all going to have gone awry a little bit. And everything gets exaggerated because its such a sensitive part of the body. Those control mechanisms relied on the learnt behaviour under different conditions. There’s probably nothing wrong with the muscle, it’s just firing differently because the data is different.

It’s that simple. IMHO.

I’m sure it will all sort itself out. Keep us posted :slight_smile:


I will definitely!


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Hi Sarah,
Long time no see.
Retracted ear drum is NOT hydrops or inner ear fluid imbalance (see diagram below)

  1. Try the Effexor if you chose to. Effexor has helped me loads with the eargraines (migraines with ear pain)
  2. stay with the ping pong. Tennis against the practice wall has helped me loads.


I actually saw this today. But here’s the thing. My left ear drum is retracted… so what the heck does that mean!


Are you better now?


As i increase effexor it is helping more. I am still on 21mg which is a micro dose.