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Topiramate without Cognitive Side Effects?


Has anyone on this forum been able to take Topiramate without the cognitive side effects?



Yes, me! I had major cognitive problems before taking topiramate, couldn’t find words, didn’t know what gear I was in when driving !) etc. I used to forget how to play my musical instruments which I have been playing for years and sometimes couldn’t even put them together because I forgot which bit went where. Now, on 25mg topiramate, I am delighted to say that has become a thing of the past. Long may it last. I hope I haven’t jinxed it by posting this.


Wow, that’s wonderful. How long have you been on that dose? And do you take it once or twice a day?


I have been on it since January this year having struggled with this disease for almost twelve years. I split the tablet into and take 12.5mg in the morning and 12.5mg at 7.45pm precisely!!! That way I have a constant dose in my system rather than a fluctuating dose which I think helps.


Thank you. Is this the dose you will stay on or will you continue to titrate up? Also, did you experience any weight loss?


This is the dose I am staying on because it works well for me so there is no need to titrate up. The weight issue is complicated by the fact that I have gastroparesis and cannot digest food very well at all. Also I am being investigated for non-hodgkin’s lymphoma so both problems could have caused weight loss. I don’t think such a small dose of topiramate would have had this effect and I was losing weight before I started taking it in any case.


Good luck figuring out all the other stuff! Sounds like a lot to deal with.


Thank you. I have all the scans and biopsies next Friday and then have to wait at least two weeks for the results. Everything always takes so long!!!