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Tongue fissures and stomach issues on top of dizziness


I’ve had chronic dizziness since 2008 after a trip to the mountains. Light sensitivity, poor memory and concentration, migraines (that are super severe during menstral) and on and on.

I had my first baby March 2016. Now my symptoms have worsened. It’s been pretty similar since 2008 until I had my baby. I know have numb hands and feet that burn at times. Stomach pains where I run to the bathroom 3-4 times a day and super green. I also have a burning tongue with fissures. Again, doctors can not tell me what’s going on. I was diagnosed with migraine and meniere in 2009. ( but I don’t ever have true vertigo). Nothing has ever happened the dizziness. I’m miserable. Anyone ever have these symptoms? I’ve had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Found out I had a peptic ulcer at random. But no Chrons or Celiac.


I am sorry to hear about all that which must be incredibly hard with a little person to care for. I cannot help with the stomach issues except to say VM has given me gastric stasis which means I either digest my food sometimes and then go 3 to 4 times a day, or my stomach stops working and nothing happens. What I do know about is a very sore fissured tongue which also used to bleed. Now I take 3 caps of vegan coconut oil a day because they are antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial. It has worked for me big time. It took about 3 weeks but bit by bit my tongue healed and now looks better than it has in years. I hope if you try the caps too they will work for you. Mine are 250mg each.


You poor thing. I sadly have no advice to you, but I am also going through bizarre inexplicable symptoms that got significantly worse after my pregnancies. It’s interesting because my migraines go away during pregnancy, but after, my body goes nuts. I hope we both get answers! Congrats on your baby!


I also meant to say that I’ve also been having the feelings of numbness in my hands and strange warm feelings in my hands and feet. Almost like a “warm blood” feeling. Sounds weird, I know. Just wanted you to know I totally sympathize!