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To those that have sound sensitivity issues


I was selling my rifle and looking through the site to buy another one, it just hit me. There is a little cool device for shooters for hearing protection that allows some ambient noises, conversationl tones to come thru but muffles the higher decibel sounds like gun shots.

for example this one.

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Now, there is lot of ones out there. Just type electronic hearing protection and it should pop up. You might have to search what hz or decibels that bothers you like dishes banging, etc. There is also small earbud sizes as well if you search. THought i share this. I’m buying this soon hoping I can go shooting again and train.


Forgot about these, yeah they work great for shooting. I think they have a volume knob too that you can dial down.


AHh. Forgot about the dial as well. Thx for mentioning that. You can tone it down to your liking.