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Tired of feeling helpless


Just saw that Anne McGregoe is giving a talk on Migraine World Summit Day 4


Thanks @sputnik2. My appointment next month is with one of the best headache specialists in the country, so i’m already seeing the best i can see. The other nearest specialists are too far away to travel.

I watched the video yesterday but found it unhelpful. Treating menstrual migraine is limited to the definition of menstrual migraine - caused by low estrogen around your period or menopause. It doesn’t accept the possibility of normal hormone changes all month long could be a trigger. It doesn’t apply to what i think my situation is. I don’t think it would be helpful even if i saw a hormone specialist. Maybe i’m wrong, but everything i’ve seen and heard about menstrual migraine is dependent on that definition. The only info i found that fits my theory is on The Migraine Trust website:

"The whole menstrual cycle, not just your period, is associated with biological changes in your body, both physical and psychological. Sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, and the physical and chemical processes that go towards producing them, all have a widespread effect on your body.

Some women are more sensitive to the fluctuations within the menstrual cycle."

But the info about treating it is based on pure menstrual migraines due to low estrogen.


This article helps me feel a little better so thought i’d share it. And this:

“One of the problems that people with severe and disabling Migraine have is some people are so ignorant to believe that what they have, which is much less severe, equates to what another person has who may have completely disabling daily Migraine and be unable to do anything but lie motionless in bed day after day. The two conditions are not the same. Because of that wide variation, people with less imagination aren’t empathetic or understanding about people who have a more severe form of the disease”

I haven’t come across that very often here on these forums, it’s the most understanding place i know, but across other migraine sites and groups it’s pretty rife. Even among doctors.