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Tips for relieving visual snow


No, that’s one of the few symptoms I’ve never had. I have had a scintillating scotoma and severe visual rocking and slanting floors (the craziest thing ever!) but the latter went away fairly quickly after starting Ami (but could be coincidence as clearly I’ve improved over time in any case)


Sure this is correct. It’s reckoned everybody over about 25 actually has floaters but they don’t see them because the fully functioning brain just filters them out. Maybe once one gets VM/MAV the brain’s just too occupied to bother and diverts its powers elsewhere. I remember first noticing floaters when bending over cleaning a white bath when I was in my forties most probably, and for years that was the only time I ever noticed them, cleaning the bath. All that was pre-MAV. Since, floaters have gradually become more and more obvious, and now I can see them, usually just the one, any time and sometimes several times a day. If I see more it’s almost always still when cleaning the bath though.

It pays to remember that our eyes just obtain available visual information, our brain dictates what we actually see. That’s why with MAV we experience vertigo which is an illusion of movement. Helen


Floaters and snow were my only symptoms until age 37, now it’s 24/7 vertigo,migraine headaches, Oscillopsia, some variation of allydonia? constant abdominal spasms, insomnia brain fog, feeling of being disconnected, memory loss numbness in hands, blurring vision, tinnitus, and pulsatile tinnitus. In addition my vestibular system has ceased functioning altogether on both sides leaving me with no balance beyond what I can muster visually and with proprioception. Which doesn’t amount to very much.


My gosh @B_W I am so so sorry my heart really goes out to you . I have had all of the above are you currently seeing a neuro for this?


Hi BW. I get a lot of your symptoms including the vertigo.Is yours spinning?It is really horried and mine comes on suddenly without warning. I feel like a zombie most of the time! What tests have you had?R


After this week I’ll be seeing three different Neurologists, but not locally. It’s a four hour drive to competent medical establishments. One is an otologist, another specializes in migraines, the last one which I’ve been waiting to see for seven months and will finally see Friday is a movement disorder specialist. So far I they have not been able to much more than slow the process from fifteen cycles a day down to about five that just last longer. I’m not sure if it is progress or not…


Lots and lots of testing. Unfortunately with the state of my memory I can’t recall all the acronyms. Mri, Mra, Ct scans. All normal. Various hearing and eye tests, hearing came back normal. Vision is 20/20 but tracking and focusing is shot. Various balance tests were very confusing for them as I had no reaction whatsoever to the Vng test. I went through many doctors each one performed the same tests distrusting the results of the previous doctor, so the results are well established.

As far as vertigo it changes, sometimes spinning right sometimes left, sometimes both. I have visual vertigo with nystagmus at times but the rest of the time it just feels like everything is spinning. How fast is the difference between enduring and suffering through a day. Lately it’s mostly the later.


I haven’t had as many tests as you!The doctors have seemed to wiped their hands of me and even the neurologist returned my appointment!I have been diagnosed with parathyroid disease and my Doctor thinks thats making me worse!At least you have good vision,I’m really shortsighted and that doesn’t help.Let us know what they find.Wonder if its your neck as I have worn discs in mine which probably cause faulty signals?Hope you find something that helps.R.


you know, i think your tips are super helpful. i will definitely need them these days. thanks a lot as i was suffering from them too. this should be amazingly helpful. may come back with updates if interested.