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Thoughts of taking your own life


I’ve become aware (due to some search history I can see in my admin console) that someone on the board may be feeling extremely down and in a very dark place right now.

If that’s the case would that person please discuss those feelings with a loved one and/or their health specialist as soon as possible.. They should also consider some counselling with someone who has expertise helping people suffering from a chronic health condition (which btw, may be ‘chronic’ for now, but it doesn’t mean it will be with you forever).

They are also free to reach out to me on PM. There are also a number of long time board members who are also well equipped to discuss this with.

Talk to someone please.

And I’d just like to say this to that person:

  • You will improve though it may not seem like it right now.
  • You will no doubt have loved ones that rely on you and they need you pull through and be strong so never, EVER give up! Because of these people you have no choice in the matter but to fight!

I did not write this to embarrass you and I have no idea who you are, I don’t even know your username.

I’ve had the very same feelings so I know exactly how you feel. Many on the board will have felt the same at some point. At one point I started thinking about which restaurant in London had the best rooftop from which I could jump. I’m so glad I did not. Life soon became worth living again once I’d got the right support and protocol in place. The people who care about me in my life still have me around so they have been spared some pain too.

You can and will recover!!

Much love to you,



NB This message goes to anyone feeling like this too.