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The Pizotifen Diaries


Happy to see ya snowboard. I am a snowboarder myself, some day will dust the board and boots rotting in my garage.

It is nice to put a face to a name. Long may your good spell continue. Cheers !

PS: No ski destinations in England ?


That’s incredible. so pleased for you. Enjoy!!


Amazing!! Your story and these photos have just given me the hope I needed this evening, feeling so low in the hell hole of 24/7 MAV. Love how you’re embracing life and going for it. Enjoy!


OMG! That’s awesome. I’m so happy for you! The US needs to stop this ridiculous government shutdown so we can get back outside and play again on Mt. Rainier. Now I really can’t wait. Thanks for such a bright, sunny, happy and hopeful post!


Well there’s a bit in Scotland but France is closer (if you live in the south of England) and the Alps are much much higher…:santa:


Amazing, really delighted for you, great pictures too, great to hear more success stories :blush:


Absolutely incredible! So inspiring and selfless to come back and give us all the hope we desperately need!
So VERY happy for you and super grateful too!!!


Look, they opened Paradise!!


Thanks so much @gidlabu so awesome to see this !! I’m doing better still in a bloody dream haha but I’m sure il get there and knowing we had similar symptoms and now seeing this gives me a lot of hope !:blush::pray:t3:


You’ll get there!


@flutters, is that you in that photo? What a beautiful place!


It’s the trail up to Pebble Creek (and beyond that Muir Base Camp) out of Paradise at Mount Rainier. Behind me is the Nisqually glacier valley and the Mt. Rainier summit some 7000+ feet farther up. Yep, that’s me, yesterday. My honey took me up to stay on the mountain and go snowshoeing for my birthday.


Oh wow super photo Emily. Beautiful place.