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The good side of a migraine brain


When I was at my migraine doctor yesterday, during the conversation she said " that’s one good thing about the migraine brain, we pay attention to the details" That was the first time anyone had said anything positive about our brains to me. Including myself :blush:

‘It seems that many people with migraine pain are intensely driven, creative and willing to get things done no matter what. Some say that they are more aggressive, while others say this is wrong. No matter what, migraine sufferers stand in good company’. The National Migraine Association

Does anyone know of any other things peculiar to us?

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Janet Jackson has VM…so we can also be pop stars ?


Oh yeah! I want to be Meghan Trainor!

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Dr. Angela Stanton’s book about migraines seems to put us on an evolutionary pedestal. We’re the ones that keep us all from getting eaten by lions on the savanna. Hyperactive senses and all.


I’m the one who can smell some bit of rotting food, or dead mouse, or such, before anyone else.

Me: What is that horrible smell? The entire back porch stinks.

Everyone else: What smell?


I like to think my extra Neanderthal DNA contributes to the hyperactivity. Apparently their visual system was quite elaborate compared to that of homosapiens.


We should be able to start our very own, and entirely different ‘Me, Too’ campaign, ‘What’s that smell?’ Sounds just like my house. And the reply ‘What smell, I cannot smell anything. What are you on about?’ Helen


Good migraine doctor, that one. Excellent memory is another trait. I passed my exams in subjects of which I have no clue really because of it. I could reel off formula easily. Quote hugh chunks of poetry in English and French. I often think my brain just loves remembering things, often I’m not involved. Never really thought abt it but it’s the Migraine Brain. Teachers just thought I was a slow worker and hadn’t had time to finish calculations when in fact really I didn’t know how! Oh, and the driven bit. For sure, Self motivated. Although I suppose it could be the reverse. All these traits gave us migraine in the first place. Overuse of those ‘little grey cells’. Helen


I have an incredibly accurate ability to suss people out almost immediately on meeting them which makes me steer clear of phonies! This is possibly because of our heightened sense of perception?


Yeah interesting In fact I remember there was a personality trait for Sensory. You can take a Myers-Briggs test online. I was tested as ESTP, S=Sensory, which essentially means we can read what people are feeling really well.


Oh dear. Not that as well. I’m sort of ESP. Phones particularly and I get links to people. My SO finds it too spooky so I struggle and control it. My Dad and I had this thing with phones, long pre-mobiles and domestic ansamachines, I’d rush home cos I knew he was phoning. It’s kinda spooky. Even had it with @Jessyka_Nettleton on here awhile probably cos we both take same drug. It’s gone now for some reason. Helen

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oh i have this too… and i am usually never wrong

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Good to know I am not alone in this! I even spook myself sometimes, but like you, I am always correct in my assessment and I also know when people close to me need help or are going to make contact. I actually quite like it as I think of it as living without all the rubbish of playing games and not being the person you are meant to be.


I have just done the Myers-Briggs test and lo and behold the overriding feature is my ability to have “the clearest insight into the motivation of others for good or evil”!!! Apparently I can rarely be fooled and get straight to the heart of a person!!! So no hiding place, as people have told me many times as it makes the phonies feel exposed and uncomfortable. Well, I am grateful for my migraine brain after all.


Wow same here. I was reading about empaths and similar.

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Me, too. I was surprised to see the way this thread went. I’ve been called an empath many times. I wouldn’t trade it.

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I don’t like to paint any group of people with a single brush, but we all have to be resilient.

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This is definitely me!!!