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Another one scott possibly to have is a “must read by all” folder containing the most relevant posts (keep it smallish) - the one post i would put in there is the “appointment with Dr Surenthiran” post. That to me explained more than any other what was happening to me and why…

If all the users could read it they would have at least some information to pass onto their GPs and Consultants …and even get a good grip on what is happening to them and why. And how to go forward from there…



Hi Nance, it is great to see that you are ba k on your normal life again. I too also is suffering from vertigo for 4 yrs now, but i dont think i am diagnosed which one so i think i havent found the right doctor and medication. Same experience as yours, the dizzyness gets worst before i get my period. I survived for years but did was not able to live before this sickness. I’m also always feeling tired, and sleepy. I cannot look down and cannot sleep lay flat or on my left side. Doctors only giving me serc (bethahistine), i dont think it helps. I’ll be seeing another doctor and hope and pray that it would be the correct one. Seeing different doctors and taking new medicines is not easy! As it gets us dizzy too! :wink:


Hi, just want to ask how did you gave birth? Is it normal delivery? Or c-section? It’s awful that you have experienced this while you are pregnant! I have vertigo for more than 3 yrs now, just managing it but not really cured it. Still searching for the right doctor/medicine. I am planning to start a family with my bf prob this dec, and pregnancy is one of my concern as i hope my vertigo goes away before i will get pregnant :sob:t i pray and hope we all get well!


Hi All,

It will be good for older members who still visit to update the success stories on what worked and what did not. It has been a while since we saw some new success stories crop up. Folks who have had success should definitely post so you can propagate the optimism. It will be useful for members like me who are on the route to getting better. Hopefully this post will bring this thread to the top and some old/new members will be encouraged to share their positive experiences.