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Success Stories Using Botox?


I saw a new neurologist yesterday who actually gave quite a bit of thought to my condition. As I was told in the past, she said I had occipital neuritis/neuralgia. My last occipital block and injection in my upper neck three months ago wore off, and that awful burning, pressure, tingling had come back.

The doctor had a really interesting perspective on it. She felt my neck and head and mentioned several times how she could feel a giant knot on the lower, back of my head/upper neck on the symptomatic side. She believes I stretched my occipital nerve doing aggressive sit-ups two years ago (which I had already suspected), and the muscle the nerve runs through (I think she said the supra occipital muscle) responded by going into spasm, continuing to “clamp” down on the occipital nerve, which continues the cycle. She said the treatment was another occipital block to stop the pain while also using a muscle relaxer to “relax” the muscle helping to ease it away from the nerve.

She injected me with a lidocaine-type med in the office and started me on the muscle relaxer. Unfortunately, the new muscle relaxer med gave me the heaves, and I felt really, really ill. So, another one-hit-wonder for me :frowning: She also feels I am a good candidate for Botox and submitted a request to my insurance company. I am wondering if anyone here as had success with using Botox to relieve dizziness?

When I asked her about my dizziness (actually chronic dysequilibrium) and tinnitus, she said it sounded as if I had dissected a vertebral artery doing the sit-ups as the symptoms are consistent. I question this, however, since I have had episodes of symptom relief for extended periods of time, and a dissected vertebral artery would have healed (or I would have died or become disabled from a clot two years ago…) I had several (more) MRIs this afternoon so she can take another look at my brain stem and the arteries in my neck and brain.

Anyway, she did mention in passing that occipital neuritis can be a migraine trigger. In March, I had four occular migraine-like events, and the pupil on my affected side is bigger than the other, which is associated with migraine (and also with neck injury). When I go back for a follow-up appointment, I will ask her specifically about her opinion on VM. The question in my mind is whether my dizziness is caused directly by irritation of the occipital nerve or indirectly by the occipital neuritis being a migraine trigger thus causing VM.

It really makes sense to me about the muscle spasms in my neck/lower head continuing my dizziness (indirectly by continuing irritation of the occipital nerve?) since the dizziness always gets worse if anyone manipulates or rubs my neck or if I cry (tensing my neck) or hold my head in a down and forward position. It also possibly explains how if I’ve had an exceptional night sleep (or under light anesthesia for a surgical procedure) my tinnitus improves because the muscles in my neck/head would be more likely to be relaxed, releasing pressure off the nerves in my head. (The occipital nerve actually runs outside the skull, under the skin running behind/between muscles.)

Any feedback on treating dizziness with Botox??


I’m sorry i can’t comment on the botox but I don’t understand how you could have caused such damage just from doing sit ups??? I mean if that were the case the entire world would have this issue? How is that enough force to do something like that? I would think it could happen from a car accident perhaps- did your dr. mention how this was possible?

Did your dizziness start immediately after doing the situps?

I’m sorry again this is totally unrelated but you had mentioned a post about ear planes being totally placebo effect- you said you saw an article about this- is there any way u can post a link to it?

What muscle relaxer did you try? There are more than 1 I take flexeril but i know there is baclofen also maybe even more to try?

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The sit-ups I was doing weren’t normal sit-ups. I don’t know what I was thinking… I had my hands behind my head holding on each side near where the skull and neck meet. I did repeated repetitions yanking up vigorously multiple times, paused, repeat over and over. The doctor explained to me how the occipital nerve exits something called the great occipital notch and is susceptible to injuries from whiplash or continued neck movements.

Here’s an excerpt from wikipedia (take it for what it’s worth): Occipital neuralgia is caused by damage to these nerves. Ways in which they can be damaged include trauma (usually concussive), physical stress on the nerve, repetitive neck contraction, flexion or extension, and as a result of medical complications (such as osteochondroma, a benign tumour of the bone).

I did this style of sit-ups two nights in a row, and the next day is when all my problems started… gradually at first and then progressed to my present life-altering state.

Oh, yes. I do remember the article about the ear planes. I have no idea where I saw it, but if I run across it again, I’ll make a note of it for you.

The muscle relaxer is called Lorzone. I have tried Flexeril in the past, but it didn’t really do anything. Perhaps I would have to take it for a longer period of time to see some effect?


I forgot to mention that the main reason I posted was to pass along what the doctor told me about the impact continued muscle spasms in the head/neck have on nerves that run outside the skull and under the scalp. I had really never though of it that way and can understand how anxiety (not something I experience myself, but many do) and tension could prolong any issue involving nerves.

In other words, if someone is chronically tense, the muscles in the head/neck can contract and put pressure on the nerves that run through the muscle potentially causing neurologic issues??


im sorry to hear what happened to you, i think i remember doing those types of sit ups myself in high school, of course oblivious to any harm that could be done. ugh. hopefully others on here can comment on the botox? i think the role of neck issues and dizziness is very much under-suggested and misunderstood, i wonder if some with neck issues may be misdiagnosed with mav? i saw a regular neuro who said there was nothing structurally wrong with my neck (which is true) but she refuses to believe that neck tightness can cause problems- when my neck tenses up i get nauseous and way more unsteady on my feet- i do pt stretches all day with my neck bc i get so tight from looking down constantly and from holding my shoulders so tense when walking. luckily my primary care dr. and pt both know about neck tightness etc and dizziness.