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stopping birth control


Hi guys,

I am stopping my birth control pill for good. I believe these bloody pills caused a large part of this mav junk for me. I went on the combined birth control pill 10 years ago for acne. Stayed on as worked well for that. I remember 8 years ago getting blurry vision and headaches. Thought I just needed glasses, which I did, very low prescription(is that weird at 21 to need glasses all of a sudden?.
Looking back i believe that was the beginning of mav. Then I got dry eyes, sinus rubbish and couple years later ear pressure stuff. It has to have been Mav and the thing I believe responsible is the birth control pill.

Anyone had any luck with ceasing their birth control and mav?


Very interesting line of attack. Go for it!


Sure you’d find on line info relating to it I’ve no idea but migraine and hormones are hard wired I’d say-so it’s well worth a try. I’ve read adverse reports about the Mirena Coil is it. @jojo65’s in the know on that one. You may be able to get all these drugs out of your system. Good luck with it and so hope it helps you. Helen


Thanks guys. Yes, hormones are a huge trigger with this MAV, I believe. I’ve seen a research article and they linked a progesterone receptor to mav and recommend to cease birth control as part of treatment.


Have a read